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Titleist Sales Rep in Washington State?

Steven E

Do we have a Titleist sales rep. in WA?  I never see Titleist at the demo days in western WA.  Pro Golf one of our largest golf retailers are having demo days for every equipment manufacturer except Titleist?


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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Steven,  We have found that going to the "demo days' doesn't always result in happy players.  As you know, it can be quite the challenge to have someone take a look at your swing and help choose the shaft likely to fit, in those hectic settings. We know that we can put our players in the proper head and shaft for optimal carry and roll -  given the time.    Our rep tries to have fitting days with each account (that requests) so that the player gets some one on one time.  We do have a very good fitter at Snoqualimie Ridge GC in Snoqualmie - Luke Brosterhaus and his number is (425) 396-6001. 

  2. Steven E

    That explains why so few golf courses in Washington State push Titleist equipment.  After a player has chosen the clubs they want to purchase a club fitting is a great way to get the perfect setup.  How many sales are you losing at these large demo day events because players find they like other manufacturers equipment?  You're failing to plant the seed for future purchases.  Sounds to me like a lazy sales person.

  3. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Steven,

    Thanks for the feedback. As Cathi noted above, our goal is to provide the best possible experience at every opportunity and we've found that fitting events help us in that endeavor. This approach requires a lot of effort and involvement from our teams in the field and they are always willing to go the extra mile to provide the best experience.

    Again thanks for the input and hopefully you'll reach out to the partner Cathi recommended if you're looking for a precision fit or let us know if you need any other recommendations.



  4. Ethan J


    I have been to some "Demo Days" at Riverbend Golf Club in Kent. I tried out some clubs, but it is usually too busy at a demo days to get a proper fitting. I did go back at a later date and got fitted for some irons and a driver. I would suggest looking at the golf shop locator and set up a fitting close to you.

    Hope that helps.



  5. greg p

    I can't speak for WA but the demo days in Chicago over the last several years have been top notch.  I've been to 6 or 7 and bought at 3.  Each time the rep took the time to analyze my swing and answer my questions.  I've been very impressed with these guys, their technical knowledge, and how they conducted the sessions.

    Gotta give you a big pat on the back from this neck of the woods.

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