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Titleist Promo Pack??


Hi, just wondering how you go about getting one of there promo packs.  The key chain looks awesome, do they come in boxes of the new 2013 Pro V's?


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  1. Dan S

    Wondering the same thing...........?

  2. Dan S

    Wondering the same thing..........?

  3. David V

    If the test balls I tested are the new Pro V1. I would be all over a promo pack! Looking forward to putting the new Pro V1s in the bag this season!!!



  4. eagle3

    Almost bet before the day goes out that Mike will have the answer here and we can all go get one while they last.

  5. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the feedback on the promo packs, we really appreciate it. Those were provided to our accounts and pro shop partners.  Unfortunately, they are not available for purchase. Thanks again.

    - Mike

  6. Andrew A

    BOO!!  I was so looking forward to a Titleist keychain to go with my Scotty dog keychain

  7. Dan S

    Well; will the key-chains be available for purchase?

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