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913 Tip Adapters

Micah E

I just got my 913 D3 and have my 913F and 913H ordered!!! 1st off I'm absolutely pumped and cant wait for to get them in. However, with that said, I have a multitude of aftermarket shafts and was wondering if I could buy extra tip adapters from Titleist  or if there were a recommended retailer to pick some up. Also, will the 910 adapters fit the 913's? I heard they will in the driver but I wasnt sure of the fairway wood or hybrid. Thanks in advance for the help.

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  1. fred k


    titleist doesn't sell the adapters separately.  you can find aftermarket/clones on ebay, but there's a very good chance most of those adapters don't do any adjustment.  i've also read that some of these adapters don't lock as tightly as the oem adapter so the shaft literally shakes.

    the 910 driver adapter will fit the 913 driver series.  and in one of the other threads, cathi has stated that the adapter has been slightly redesigned for the fairways and hybrids, so your 910f and h adapters won't work with the new 913f and h series.


  2. Brandon R

    For the drivers the old adapters will work but will not in the fairways.

  3. Skylar T

    Ya, I heard that the 910 and 913 driver adapters are the same, but they are different for the woods and hybrids.

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