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Golf Schools/Working in the Golf Industry

Manuel M

Hello to the best in golf, Team Titleist

This post is to get the most knowledge and information as possible by all TT members and staff. I have for a long time wanted to have a career in golf and i know their are many ways to get into the industry. The only school I know much about is the Golf Academy of America. From what i know they are a great school. What do you know about golf schools and where are they. I really would appreciate anyone that could help me on this subject. I want some questions answered like how long are the programs, rate of employment upon graduation, locations, etc.

Next subject is i think everyone has always wished to have a job in golf. I can attest to having that exact same feeling. But my passion for golf i truly believe outwages so many other people in the world. There isnt a day that i go were i dont think about golf. Every opportunity i get i am always researching new knowledge for the game. I am constantly staying updated on everything golf and cannot help but feel like it is my destiny. I dont know were to start besides a pro shop or golf course and mine are not hiring currently. My knowledge for the game is extremely excellent, from clubs, players, balls, fittings, courses, PGA, LPGA, history, marketing, and just about everything the game offers. I would love any help that anyone can provide to me about working in the Golf Industry. I would love a fitting job, tour rep position, R&D position, marketing position, sales position, social media position, etc. My goal is to work for Titleist. The honest reason is because Titleist has provided me with the best experience i could ever have imagined when coming into the game of golf. I have trusted and believed in Titleist for so long because of the constant and consistent excellence they have displayed to me, my family, and my friends. The award winning (in my opinion), oustanding, top notch, and superior Customer Service has caused me to never want anything else but Titlest. The products that Titleist put out are nothing but the best and its the reason why so many trust Titleist. The satisfaction of meeting the needs of millions of golfers thrills me and i know its all due to the amazing staff. I want to provide all the best back to everyone who plays Titleist. I hope this post has not come off as a suck up to Titleist, but rather expressing my feelings for something that has made my life as enjoyable as it is today. I ask for everyones opinion with this and hope you all can help. Thank you. Team Titleist for Life.

Respectfully, Manny M.

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  1. Skylar T

    Well, I do know that many colleges offer a PGM major which is for PGA Golf Management.  I have looked into this for myself.  It is a four year program and some of the schools that offer it are, Florida state, Florida gulf Coast, Campbell university, COastal Carolina, Clemson, act..  There are quite a few more but those were the ones I remember.  Im not sure if this is something that you would be able to do as I do not know how old you are and at what point in your life you are in but it would definitely assist you in finding a job in the industry.  Just a thought.  Good Luck!

  2. Don O

    I refer to What Color is My Umbrella as a guide to a new career.  The single best piece of advice in it is to not apply for jobs, but seek out mentors.  Ask them what has worked for them, learn what they think is the best experience and have as only expectation, to see if is there someone they would recommend you need to talk to next.  Even if you only learn the best options, that can prepare you for the next level.  People are hesitant to spend time with someone just looking for a job when they don't have one, but keep trying to find the ones that like what they do and want to help someone with their interest.  Eventually, it may be the 4th, 9th, or 15th person you interview that may have an opportunity to offer you.  I forget who said it, may have been Ben Franklin, but the good Lord gave us 2 ears and one mouthe to listen more than we talk. 

    Good luck.  There is no better career than to follow your passion.

  3. dacherri

    start here:

    this is a pretty good jumping off point and there's a wealth of information buried within the PGA careers website.  most of your questions outlined above should be covered via this website, you may have to do some digging though.

  4. tdogg21

    i don't know anyone, but have talked to some people who went to the Golf Academy of America and hated it.  they said it was basically a school looking for money.  they said there were a couple of instructors that were good, but for the most part, you're paying to be able to say you went there.  i would look at one of the PGM programs or find a course or store to work at.  that's the best way to get a foot in the door and them move up from there.

  5. Manuel M

    Wow I didn't expect all the support so quick but it happened:) thank you all so much as I am going to look into the link you provided and hopefully I can get what I'm looking for, or at least a good portion of it. I was actually contemplating going to the Golf Academy but now that you've told me some info about it. I will reconsider it definitely. Thank you all again.

    Respectfully, Manny M.

  6. Christian J

    I've heard the exact same things from my future college golf coach.  I'm planning on attending Iowa Western, a community college, first to practice and compete with them.  Then I am transferring to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln to study their PGA Golf Management.  I toured their facility last month and absolutely loved it!  Everything they had was top notch, and from what I've seen better than the golf institutes.  If you really want to get into the industry, check out a school that offers this program.  Nebraska pledges to place all their students in the golf industry within 6 months, and they can show proof to back it up.

  7. eboos


    i don't know anyone, but have talked to some people who went to the Golf Academy of America and hated it.  they said it was basically a school looking for money.  they said there were a couple of instructors that were good, but for the most part, you're paying to be able to say you went there.  i would look at one of the PGM programs or find a course or store to work at.  that's the best way to get a foot in the door and them move up from there.


    While I have no first or second hand information about this school, my gut feeling was the same. It seemed like another school like those teaching motorcycle mechanics where the job opportunities will not justify the cost of the school.

  8. Rob K

    Hi Manny,

    I just read your post, and you honestly sound a lot like me!  I know things are a lot different here in Canada where I am in terms of some of the school programs, but I can provide you with some of steps I took to get to where I am at.  I knew from a very young age I wanted to do something in the golf industry.  I ate, slept, and dreamed golf in my teenage years, and that is still in me.  In high school, I knew a PGM program would be the way to go, and I went to a school just outside of Toronto for 3 years, and it was a great experience.  After my first year, I found a summer placement job working at a local driving range, and after I graduated and turned professional, I became one of their teaching professionals.  I was there for 5 years, and then moved on to a private golf club, which was a fantastic job!  After my season there, I was very fortunate to land a job here, at Titleist in Canada, and it has been excellent.  I really love the job, and the people here make it even better. 

    It's so good to hear someone with the passion for the game as you have, and I hope you find exactly what you are looking for.  If you ever have any other questions, feel free to shoot me a message.


    Rob K

  9. Allen P

    Glad to hear you are reconsidering your choice. I don't know much about you but if I were in your shoes I would attempt to apply to a college program in the golf industry. If you go to the they provide a list of schools that offer Professional Golf Management degrees. The Golf Academy can say want they want but it does not equal the education you get a university.


    Working in the golf industry can be a great career.  I'm a PGA professional and proud Titleist/FootJoy staff member.  I got my PGA membership in the fall of 2009, by going the PGA PGM program, not through a college.  I would recommend going through one of the PGM universities, as these are all great schools, and will help you with job placements and interns at some of the best courses in the country.  I work at a top 50 facility and we utilize interns every season.  Good luck  

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