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Titleist Carry/Stand Bags

joe c

Good day Fellow Team Titleist members!!

As a long time Titleist player who walks and have always had a Titleist stand bag, there is one thing i miss about

Titleist stand bags and this is a putter well.

Do any of you miss a putter well and would you like to have one on a possible future Titleist Carry/Stand Bag.



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  1. Parthur

    I guess I don't miss what I've never had. I too always have Titleist stand bags and never had a putter well. I take really good care of my flat sticks, but I can understand the concern, or need to protect what has become maybe the most expensive club in the bag.

  2. john p

    I too carry a Titleist bag and would like to see a putter well in the future bags.

  3. Andrew A

    I completely agree.  A putter well would provide a much needed feature, provide it's at the top of the opening.

  4. Marc S

    I know for myself and my friend Brent W. as well, we are not fans of the putter wells. As a matter of fact, the only reason I haven't purchased a Lightweight Cart Bag is because of the putter well. I would like to see this as an option on the Lightweight Cart Bag and if integrated into a carry bag, I think it would look cosmetically better if it was just a padded cell, not an external item. Hope this makes sense and please no putter wells.

  5. Tim Tiger

    I personally have no desire for a putter well.  I keep only my putter and driver in the top opening of my Titleist lightweight carry bag.  All of my clubs fit comfortably and it has plenty of storage space. 


  6. memphisunited

    If I'm not mistaken, the premium stand bag used to have a divider slot for the putter.  I don't know if I would have called it a putter well, but it was part of the inside divider.  I have a stand bag from a couple of years ago and it has a 6-way divider.  I used on of the middle dividers for my putter.  It doesn't leave the putter covers looking mangled.  Just use one of the larger dividers for your putter. 

  7. joe c are exactly right!!!

    there was once a titleist premium stand bag that had a putter slot which made the bag a 7-way!!

    i wish titleist would reintroduce this particular model..are you listening Team Titleist!!!

    let me clear myself..i do not want an external putter well on a carry/stand bag and hope this clears up some misconceptions

    on my part..Have a great day TT members!!!


  8. Cole W

    No buggy to me like T. Tiger I just put mine in the top with the woods

  9. john p

    I also use the top slot for my putter
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    No buggy to me like T. Tiger I just put mine in the top with the woods
  10. Chris92009

    I agree, I use the top slot for my putter as well....I need to keep my Scotty safe! LOL

  11. Joshua L

    I dislike bags with putter wells/slots/tubes. I just put my putter in the top slot of my bag.

  12. tdogg21

    that would be nice.  i just put my putter up near my driver.  a long time ago i had it down by my wedges and i realized it was banging around too much.  so i moved up with the longer clubs.

  13. Nick T

    I am on the bandwagon for a putter well.   It's expensive to keep replacing Cameron putter head covers that get mangled from the slots.  The slots are not wide enough for the head covers to slide right into the bag.   My bag is Titleist premium stand bag. 

  14. Andrew A

    I have carried a Titleist Bag for a decades but actually have converted to a Vapor bag last season for two reasons.  1) It has a putter well at the top.  Once you play will a bag with a putter well at the top, there's no going bag.  2) it's less than 4 pounds and is the same size as the Titleist Lightweight bag which is slightly over 5lbs.  

    One other point of contention with the Titleist stand bags is that the mechanism that controls the stands protrudes to far away from the bag.  This causing issues when playing on carts (many charity tournaments require the use of a cart).  Either you have to place the bag sideways or risk it being broken.  My last bag actually had this piece broken during a golf trip to Myrtle Beach. It was broken in the truck while laying with the other bags.

    If this issue was resolved in it's design and a putter well was introduced, I would be back in a heartbeat!

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