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Can't wait for winter to be over.


It has been pretty cold and snowy in New England for the past two months. Can't wait for the weather to break. I am looking forward to actually playing instead of hitting off of mats in modified horse stables, or smacking balls into a projection screen.

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  1. Kevin H

    I feel for you and one of the reason I left the midwest.  Been playing 8-9 times since mid January here in NE Florida, with a little cool weather.  Hope your spring comes early!  Or make a trip to Florida where most times the weather is good and there are plenty of golf courses just waiting for you....

  2. Steve H

    eboos..... Feel your pain man.  This is our local, and believe it or not, this is a straight 24 inches plus.  And, we have more snow scheduled for the weekend.  Stay thirsty my friend.....

  3. asousa

    I have the itch as well. I just got fitted for a new 913 driver and the suspense is killing me!  The simulator and range isn't the same.

  4. Christian J

    I agree!  We've had an up and down season so far here in Iowa.  One day its almost 50, the next day its in the teens and snowing!  Luckily though this week will be up in the high 40's so hopefully we can get out there Friday.  While I love practicing in my room, it would be great to go outside.  Until then, best of luck!

  5. Chris S

    Amen to that ebooz! Cold here In Iowa too. I have cabin fever bad!! I need a golf fix! Can't wait to tee up some new ProV1x's this season!

  6. Don O

    Ill even settle for a sign right now.  I need a week where the snow pack isn't higher than the week before.  Hasn't happened since the beginning of January in Wisconsin.

  7. Brent B

    I can't agree with you more. I live in south central Pennsylvania and I have been fortunate to get 3 or 4 rounds in since December but I'm getting the spring itch to be out on the course a lot more. I have a tournament scheduled this weekend but the weather is hit or miss for decent course conditions. 

  8. Ron M.

    I hear your agony.. I drive by my course everyday on the way to work and it burns me to drive bye....I have been swinging every night in my living room and hitting the heated range twice a week....I hope Phil is right a spring is early this year...

  9. memphisunited

    Oh, the joys of living in the north.  Luckily, I'm far enough south that I can play most of the year.  Usually high 30s is the coldest for our area, so we just put on a few extra layers and play.

  10. Carlo Angelo

    I live in Wisconsin... need I say more!!!  And I don't like snow!!!

    I joined a winter league. Hitting into a simulator to keep the swing in check.  And later this month get in touch with my instructor at GolfTec to prepare for an EARLY SPRING...(we all hope).

    Keep the swing in tune everyone!


  11. 808HACKER

    Yeah...I mean I like the snow but I wish it would come at all one time not in pockets.  And, we're expecting a NOR'EASTER this weekend, damn no golf again!!! I guess I'll be cleaning my clubs again this weekend  :(

  12. eboos

    After the crazy amount of snow we had just got, I am looking forward to a session in the horse stables (heated outdoor range bays) today.

  13. Ryan A

    The simulator is there for something to do while you drink!!

  14. Barry O

    I have escaped the cold and snow of South Central NY to the sunny warm climate of Southern California for a week to visit my son who's stationed @ Camp Pendleton. They live in Oceanside not far from the Titleist Performance Institute over on Avenida de La Plata. I have very fond memories of my fitting there back in January of 2011. I brought my clubs out with me so I can get in a little early practice and maybe a few rounds before heading back home on the 19th. This should give me a little head start on the gang back home. I'll be like a caged animal when I get back to the snow and cold till it breaks and we can get back out on the courses back in the Northeast. Keep swinging!

  15. Skylar T

    I don't want you guys to hate me, but I just played 18 holes in 75 degrees here in sunny south florida. 

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