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Lost some weight

Jeremy H

Ok over the past year ive lost 60lbs and still trying to lose more.  It seems that after losing the weight i lost alot of clubhead speed and the swing feels completely different.  Anyone else experience the same thing.

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  1. Steve H

    Great question:

    Before:      After:

    That's me and Billy Casper playing in a tournament after I shed 90 pounds (same sunglasses).  The CORE went to hell, and I had to hit the weights and the Resistance Bands very hard, as well as develope a daily and weekly routine.  I lost about 10-15 yards but have since added an additional 10-15 by keeping the weight off for the past three years and my body in tip top shape for an old guy. The swing will take care of itself if you pratice diligently and keep working on balance etc. It's an adventure, but it will come back as will your swing speed if you work on it. The key is that you have to do something about out and excerise becomes the new normal.  Best of luck, and GREAT job on the weight loss!!

  2. Brian M

    Last year I had lost over 40.  I had gone from hitting a slight draw to a horrible hook.  My swing had developed into alot of upper body movement.  For me, with the significant body change, I had to take up yoga to become more flexible and loose.  Yes, the swing had completely changed with weight lose, but now it is actually more powerful and smooth. 

  3. John L

    I haven't experianced what your talking about but i also havent had to lose weight. but i can see where the large change in weight and body shape would affect the swing path and mechanices. this sounds like a normal thing. when i changed my swing to be more of and inside to out swing i initaly lost yards. they did eventualy come back. so i would say keep with it pound some range balls and you'll see results soon enuff

    cheers greens and fairways.


    P.S. congrats on the weight loss

  4. John L

    Steve congrats on the weigh loss. glad hear your story and its good to see someone has experiance to pass on to others

    Cheers greens and fairways to all


  5. anthony p

    First of all congratulations and great work on the weight loss.  I went through the same thing away ago- when you lost the weight your body probably burned off quite a bit of muscle, although the majority of it was fat even if you lose 10 pounds of muscle that is substantial.  I would recommend you  first check wi your doctor, and if he gives the ok begin weightlifting on a frequent basis using a combination of compound lifts (ie bench presses, lunges, pull-ups/pull downs if your body still allows), core movements (sit ups, medicine ball twists).  

    Thismis very bare bones info, but combine some of this with some lean proteins in your diet and you'll be hitting lasers again within 4-6 months!

  6. Don O

    No doubt it changes your life, and adjustments are needed.  Survivlists at heart, we preferentially lose muscle over fat.  Worst case scenario - gaining weight is also preferentially adding fat, so losing 50 pounds and gaining 40 can mean the net lose is all muschle.

    I lost 30 but have gained 8 mph because of stretching and similar workouts already suggested. I also improved core and hip rotation so I was able to rotate more turn and stop going into a reverse tilt.  I can also comfortably walk 18, so even without improving my game, it was worth every pound.  You've done the hard part, now you can focus on getting into game shape.

  7. Jeremy H

    Thank you everyone for the kind words. I originally lost the weight by doing a bunch of cardio.  Which is why i suspect i lost some muscle with that.  Over the past 6 months i have been at the gym lifting weights and doing some cardio.  It sounds like some stretching and some core work should be the next step.  Thank you everyone for your help.

  8. dave p

    Yes, last February , I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Following the surgery I lost over 50 lbs and my swing speed has dropped severely and still trying to get comfortable with the swing again. Doing some exercises daily and putting lbs back on  I need to work on core and upper body strength. Since I was made disabled I am able to hit balls daily if weather permits! Muscle memory seems to be coming back! Now just get stronger!!!!

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