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Lefty FPL

is there or will there be a Titleist app for android phones ?

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  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Lefty FPL,

    I touched on this a bit in another thread but here is the update...

    We currently do not have an app for Android devices. We are in the process of enhancing our mobile-friendly version of Team Titleist and hope to have that ready for release in the near future.

    In terms of Android apps, we do not have a plan to release one in the near future. We sent a survey out a while back to Team Titleist to get a better sense of what devices everyone is using and based on the results and feedback, there wasn't a strong enough case for developing a separate app... yet.

    I say "yet" because we are planning to send another survey out to see if this has shifted at all since we last checked in.

    I know this is most likely frustrating to hear for Android device users but I assure you we are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for all of our Team Titleist members and we will continue to listen, improve and deliver.

    As always, don't hesitate to share any feedback or input.



  2. Lefty FPL

    Thanks Mike for the quick  reply, I just recently switched over and find the phone and android system much better IMHO.. but I'm sure there will be some response to that statement in the meantime I can access TT from  the web portal . As always a faithful Titleist player . 

    FPL all the way !

  3. Alexander R

    I would like to see an android app as well. 

    Yours faithfully,

    Alex R

  4. Charles R

    Good app, but cant use it anymore because i swithched to android, PLEASE MAKE AN APP FOR ANDROID

  5. Chris R

    Yes, there is a need for the Android App.

  6. red_hush

    i didnt even know there was a app.... i like these discussion boards, they keep me informed

  7. Dan S

    Have an Android App been made yet?

  8. Dan S

    At of the end of 2013, 78% of the smartphones in the US were Android devices. It seems that the app for Android users would be coming out.

  9. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the post. We still only have apps available for iOS devices and don't have any immediate plans to launch an Android version.

    When surveying our membership and looking at mobile device share, we are still under-indexing on Android usage as compared to the universe of all smartphone users.

    We are seeing a modest increase in Android usage among our audience but unfortunately it hasn't reached a point where we can dedicate resources to developing for that platform.

    My apologies for any frustration or disappointment but as I mentioned above, it is something that we continue to explore and we'll keep everyone updated if we start working on an Android version.

    Thanks for understanding.



  10. Keith M

    From an iOS user, here is a little feedback.  You mentioned that updates are coming, so maybe what I'm about to say will be a moot point.

    It would be really nice if in the Titleist Social Stream section, when you click on a TT post that it doesn't throw you to Safari and would keep you in the app itself.  That's really annoying, particularly if you check out multiple posts and have to switch back and forth. 

    Second to that, maybe it's my Safari settings, but if I read a post once in Safari, I can't respond to it.  You can click on "Reply", but can't type anything in the window.  I'm an FJC member as well and can respond to posts on my iPhone there, but not TT. 

    Overall, I really like the app, the look and feel are solid.  I'd use it more if it kept you in the app instead of throwing you back and forth. 

  11. Erick R

    I switched from iPhone to Droid and am not looking back.  It would be great to see a titleist app for droid because even though the web portal works it just doesn't feel the same.

  12. Richard H

    I'm actually getting ready to switch from Android to iOS, but I fully agree with the sentiment that there needs to be a TT app for Android. I understand the concerns of devoting the time and resources to an app for a minority of TT users - especially for something as fragmented as Android - but if I had to guess, I would say your most active TT members participate through the iOS app. I don't have any evidence to go off of for that, but I certainly know I would be more active if I could read and reply to posts from my current phone. Maybe when you do another survey you should also pole for users who post through the TT app and those using web browsers - either on their phone or computer - to get a good idea of how users access TT. Just a thought...

  13. Jim A

    Personally, I can never use my Samsung lll because there is no app, so I'm forced to use my laptop for all TT communications.  I would love not to have to do this since my phone is on my constantly. 


    Additionally, I was not able to sign up for the last giveaway because every time I logged into the site, it stayed on that page and would not allow me to enter any information.  Too bad for me, and good luck to the future winner! 


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