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Oops...Rotator cuff injury

Chris S

While taking a walk in this wonderful winter weather, I slipped on some ice and I now have a sprained wrist and torn rotator cuff. So far I have been told that this may restrict the movement in my shoulder. The first thought I had was how this would affect my swing.

Has anybody here had this injury? How did it affect your movement and/or swing?

Thanks TT

Totally bummed,

 Chris S

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  1. Brad R

    I have had both of my rotator cuffs worked on and it is not much fun. Depending on how bad it is will determine on either needing surgery or if physical therapy can help it. Hopefully for your sake you won't need surgery if you have to it can take up to a year and a half to two years to get back to being comfortable. Shoulders are very tricky you can not force through the rehab you have to let it come and not push it ,I would much rather blow my knee out again the have any kind of shoulder injury or surgery.hope you have a speedy recovery

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