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New Cameron Cover


Did anyone else pick up a new Mardi Gras cover today?  This is a good one!

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  1. Steve H

    Beautiful Josh.....get it off the Cameron sight??? $75.00 I presume?? 

  2. Hotsauce

    I did.  I scooped it off the Cameron release yesterday.  I got lucky and happened to be by a computer.  They're usually 72 (+shipping) unless they're leather.

  3. Justinu3

    Loved the cover!  I hate goofy sayings and years... this is perfect!  just not a Mardi Gras guy... :-(

  4. 808HACKER

    Cool...can't lose that on the course.

  5. Geoffrey B

    That looks really cool!

  6. Tom S.

    Neat colors!! Enjoy!

  7. memphisunited

    Those do look good.  Any for the Golo?

  8. Hotsauce


    Those do look good.  Any for the Golo?

    i didn't see any, but it would look good with your new shirt! Congrats on winning it

  9. TAIII

    Another SC Masterpiece...

    Missed out on this year.


    -Golf Rules

  10. Chris92009

    None for the golo but the cover looks sweet!

  11. Russ S

    Always a chance to score one on EBay or similar site. Pricey though, like the ticket you gotta have.

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