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Tom S.

Hello everyone, Just looking for some suggestions on the the different grip pressures from the driver to my irons, to my wedges? Should it be the same for every club? Little more with the driver? less on my pitch and chip shots? I know its whatever works for me..Just asking some suggestions...I think I already keep it preatty loose,like Tom Watson says.....Like holding a small bird in your hands.Thxs

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  1. Christian J

    I try to keep my grip pressure consistent.  This leads to consistency,  but like you said it really depends on your liking.  I was on a college visit at UNL in their PGM program.  While I was hitting balls in the simulator, he noticed my grip was way to tight.  He suggested gripping it with just enough pressure to hold the club.  Another tip I liked that I saw on here was actually from Mike the TT Manager.  He says that he pretends like it is a tube of toothpaste.  Just squeeze it enough to squirt a little bit out.  Hope you don't mind me using it Mike!  I just really like this tip.

  2. Ron M.

    Lite pressure give me more feel of the club weight and seems to increase the impact...I get better tempo and a smoother swing...When I tighten up my grip I tend to hit it fat....Hold it like a tube of toothpaste without the cover on it and don't squeeze any out....

  3. Connor I.

    I don't think you need to have a different grip pressure for every club. but what I think matters is that you keep your grip pressure constant throughout your swing. In other words, don't have a light grip pressure during your backswing and when you start your downswing you squeeze it. Try this drill I learned from Martin Hall, grab an empty water bottle and grip it like you normally would and just make a swing with it and not crunching it. You can kind of hear your grip pressure I should say.

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