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HELP! Titleist Problem!

Cole R

Hi! I recently bought a brand new Titleist 68" single canopy umbrella. Let me just say i was really hesitate on the price, but after using it, it is well worth it and has past all my expectations. I have one little problem that i need help on though!!! The other day i was out golfing and it started raining/snowing. I lost the Titleist cover/sheath to the umbrella. Now all i have is the umbrella. Does anyone know where i can purchase just the Titleist cover/sheath for my umbrella. Im willing to pay good money for it.

Any other ideas of what i should do?? I mean this is a expensive umbrella and I'm very meticulous about things so i would really like another cover/sheath from the one and only Titleist!!!

Thanks Guys!!!

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  1. Daniel R

    try ebay for a generic cover or buy a cheapo one off ebay the same size umbrella. Then just take the sheath from there.

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