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Whats your FIRST on course memory?

Robert Sellman

My mom and dad didn't have a car while I was growing up, so my cousin and I took the city bus to the closest golf course which was Reynolds Park in Winston Salem NC,then we had to walk another mile to the course. We started playing and after a few holes of having fun in the cart, my cousin was driving and he turned over the cart with both of us in it. We laughed so hard the rest of the day, it was great fun.

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  1. Brian M

    First course experience was on a small par-3 course with father, grandfather, and other friends of the family in the early 80's.  It was 6:00am, first tee, elevated with a small pond in front.  I remember this because it was such a heavy foggy you couln't see 10 yards in front.  Grandfather and his friends had been going to this course for years.  When I asked where to hit, they simply said 'over that way.'  Of course my first shot barely made it over the pond while everyone else's shot disappeared into the fog.  Walking to their balls they said, 'see we told you,' as their balls were scattered around the green. 

    These guys were so classic, wood woods, heavy plaid pants, metal spikes, greased hair, big leather bags.  So cool and calm...until on the course, when I learned numerous colorful words.

  2. Fred C

    My roommate in college was on the Texas A&M golf team. He gave a set of clubs and took me out to play my first time on 1/16/76. My first tee shot screamed down the middle then turned right over 100 yards - the biggest slice I've ever seen. He's still laughing to this day.

  3. Jack

    My first time I held a club I was at a chipping green with my father and grandfather. My first round was with my father on the local par 3 course.

  4. Connor I.

    I was playing in a tournament getting ready to tee off on a long par 5 and there were people in the middle of the fairway that we were waiting on. So I asked my dad if I could go ahead and hit and he said '' yeah go ahead '' and I said, are you sure? He said yes there is no way you can get even near hitting them so I went ahead and hit and it was in the air for awhile and finally we heard a thump, it hit their golf cart and bounced backward like 20 yards but no one got hurt.

  5. Ron M.

    I was in Ft Myers on vaca and walking up to the 1st tee when the sky feel in...Had to wait 40 mins before restart...My 1st swing was ugly, but it was my 1st and counting...

  6. John L

    going to a golf course in georgia. it was a 9 hole that a farmer had build on his property. My Dad and My Uncle Jack would go play it when my Uncle jack would visit.

  7. Mike P.

    It is me making my first par with my dad and grandpa congratulating me . I just remember how it was a beautiful day and the feeling that I had just accomplished something that was big in my mind.

  8. Nick T

    Catching frogs on a par three course.   At the age of five it was much more fun than trying to hit a golfball.  I remember falling into the water.  

  9. clayton t

    i remember back in the 70s myself and older brother being a caddy for my dad and uncle at a course in athens al. lol listing them to argue about the other lying about how many strokes  they made or blaming the other useing a tee on fairway

  10. Henry R

    My first memory was with my grandpa on a local par 3 course. Neither one of us knew what we were doing but it was a lot of fun and needless to say i am hooked on golf.

  11. Chris E

    When I was four or five my dad used to take me out on this muni course close to our house with a Golden Bear 3 wood and a putter he had cut down for me and I would hit the ball on a few holes and would putt on every green with him.  One of the earliest memories I have of those trips was when I made this putt that at the time seemed like a mile-long putt (my dad told me when I got older that it was somewhere around 30').  I can still remember how excited I would get when I would see my dad hooking up the trailer with our golf cart to his truck, meaning a trip to the course was coming.

  12. Dallin H

    The first complete round of 18 was with my dad at Rancho Solano in Fairfield, CA in 1997.  I played pretty crappy, but it was a great memory because it was the first and only round I ever played with my dad. He's now disabled, so he can't play golf anymore.

  13. greg g

    My first memory was my first hole in from 147 yards when playing with my grandfather at the age of 14.  I've done it several times since and more often with my vokeys but this one was special as I was just a little kid doing this and it made his weekend.  He talked about it at the followup BBQ he had at his house. 

  14. AJ K

    Cuddling for my dad and running the bag on the wheely cart straight through the sand trap for fun.. The joys of being young..
  15. Lou G

    When I was 10 - accompanying my dad and watching him just whack the peepee out of it.   Also had a ball whiz right past my ankle.

    Caddying moment - first ever loop was in a downpour and I walked through the bunker.

    Bad golf moment - spraining my ankle catching the school bus home.   Played 9 holes of golf and shot 47 for practice.  Got in the school match and blew up and shot 77 - was visible in the pro shop for awhile and got razzed about it at school for about 3 weeks.

    Good golf moment - bombing my drive on #17 as a HS Soph 325 yards with a laminated 3 wood.

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