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Washing / Cleaning 910 Headcovers

Brian L

I started getting my bag ready for the golf season and my 910 driver, 3 wood, and hybrid are dirty. Has anyone attempted putting them into the washer? How the yellow Scotty Cameron Studio Design putter cover? I have read online of other people putting covers in the washer (not 910 head covers) and letting them air dry and it worked out fine. I wanted to see what TT thought specifically the 910 head covers.

If I do decide to wash them should I wash all 3 at the same time or each one separately? The shaft protector part of the head cover is the dirtiest and I don't know if the red would fade onto the white? 

I appreciate your feedback. I can't wait for the weather in Indianapolis to break, I'm ready to play!!

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  1. Robert Sellman

    I have put mine in the washing machine and they turned out fine. I used Tide,mine did have some stains on them and they didn't come out but otherwise they were good.

  2. AC RixRox

    I have 3 910 head covers in the washing machine as we speak. Small load, gentle/slow agitation and an extended spin where I will dump any water inside before spinning. Then I will air dry in the shade on the back porch. I like new and very clean looking head covers because I like looking like a duffer and don't want anyone to think I have any experience playing golf. ;>)

  3. AC RixRox

    Oxyclean: Crystal Burst, a splash of bleach, small load on warm wash, gentle/slow cycle was all it took to transform three filthy rag 910 covers into near new appearance. Dried on club grips standing in the sun.  Works like a charm without harm. 

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