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faded hats

steve m

It’s a wet day in North Carolina so I decided organize some of my golf “stuff,” which resulted in me consolidating all of my faded Titleist hats.  Six hats total and if memory serves me correct the fading started in less than 2 months after buying them. Four navy blue and two blacks.  The interesting thing is the hat in the center was a navy blue hat and the black hat (bottom left) have faded nicely over time and I’m often ask where I bought them…usually when I’m at a Home Depot.  

I love your clubs (always have and always will), but now I remember why I only buy white Titleist hats now.

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  1. Fred C

    Sweat is a killer on colored hats. You might try hatsaver, a product that helps keep the hat from absorbing sweat. Several of us here in Texas use it and it makes them hold up much longer.

  2. steve m

    Thanks Fred I'll be ordering some hat saver  and your right it a sweat thing.

  3. Fred C

    I'm glad to help Stece. I have used it for years and it really works well. You will usually be able to coat 2 hats per can, but I use a heavy dose of it.

  4. bcjames

    I also live in North Carolina and the humidity and sweat always makes my hats fade as well.  I've noticed that the white hats will even show some significant wear on them after a while.  But I have chosen to stick with only white as well now.

  5. Johnny C

    My black tour visor exhibits the same fading but it hasn't been in a matter of months. 

  6. steve m

    Fred - so I bought 3 cans of Hat Saver after our earlier exchange. The verdict is out...that stuff is amazing. it's a standard at my house and several guys I play have joined the cult. Thanks again for the tip. If the two of us get an invite to the Texas TT Invitational I'm buying you some beer. Cheers!

  7. Fred C

    I'm glad it worked for you Steve and, beer is always welcome in my hands. Perhaps we will get the chance to share a brew, or two.

  8. Todd T

    Get the spray sold at golf stores, works good enough in SoCal!

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