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Titleist Hats Warping



Any tips on keeping the sweat bands from warping?


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  1. 808HACKER

    no suggestions???

  2. John L

    I got nothing brother but i would be intrested aswell if someone had an idea. I have extra hats i dont wear on the course just because of the sweat ring bleeds threw.

    cheers greens and fairways


  3. Ricky C

    They just look stretched out to me.  Have you tried a larger size?

  4. 808HACKER

    Ricky C

    They just look stretched out to me.  Have you tried a larger size?

    The white hat is an lg/xl and it was too big so I bought the med/lg and they both warped.  It might be from washing the hats? oh well...guess I'll just live with it and buy new ones when they become too warped and leave imprints on my

    Thanks for input guys :)

  5. Brian R

    I have the same issues with mine

  6. stephen l

    I am having the same issues, has anyone had any success returning or solving this?

  7. Justinu3

    I've had a few issues on some of the cubic mesh hats doing this.  Unfortunately the sizing of the cubic mesh from Titleist and in the Vokey releases has been inconsistent which is a New Era quality control issue.  I wish they could get it fixed.  The Cubic mesh is one of the best hats out there.

  8. stephen l

    just wanted to give you guys an update. I took my hats (they looked identical to the pics above) to my local golf shop. One quick call to TT and I had two new hats in my hand. I will say that the bands are different in these new ones. They are more elastic in look and feel.

  9. Mark B

    I have wrecked hats when I put them into the wash, and the come out looking similar to the hats in the pictures.  I have since taken them into the shower with me and washed them using shampoo and hang drying them afterwards.  They come out clean and keep their original shape.  Hope this helps.

  10. Paul B

    try washing it in the dishwasher top rack after a few uses.

  11. Anthony E

    If you wash it by hand and use hat holders till they dry you wont have that problem as much.. Also look online for a spray called Hat Saver. It stops the sweat from coming through the bill of the hat.. It WORKS AWESOME. I use to go through hats about every two rounds.. Now I spray them and about every four rounds I do a gentle wash dry and spray again.. I have had my white hat for around 3 months and still looks new...

  12. Curtis M

    I have the same problem.  I am not sure anything will work to stop this until they come with a different material.   This is only after about a month too.   Not a big deal, still fits ok.   Just kind of annoying... 

  13. Christian G

    Nearly all of my hats do the same thing.  Haven't found a solution yet.  I do wash mine in the dishwasher now and then to clean them, but that hasn't managed to tighten up that band.  

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