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Sun Mountain Bag Vs Titleist

Joshua O

First off I have been told that Sun Mountain makes all of the Titleist bags. However My old Titleist Premium Stand bag seams to be a far better quality than my 2013 Sun Mountain. After two weeks of playing my legs have already stopped retracting and will sag out while carrying. My wife said that she wanted to send out for the new staff bag, I said I dont want one until Titleist gives me one! LOL. Mainly because my tourney caddie is underpaid and I dont want him to lug anything more than he has to...

My "old" Titleist bag (2004ish) Still looks great and everything works.

Is this just the standard of all newer made products?  Is there an actual qualitly difference in the bags?

Has anyone else had these issues?

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  1. Christian J

    Josh, I'm not sure if this is the case for your bag, but mine has a plastic piece on the leg stabilizers that can be adjusted to hold the legs up tighter so they won't fall.  Like I said, I don't know if it will work on your bag but it did for mine.  Hopefully it does!

  2. eboos

    I second Christian's recommendation. I've had that happen with an off brand bag, and this is how I fixed it.

  3. Allen P

    I currently have the 9.5 Top Staff bag. When some of the rubber pull tabs on the zipper began to break apart (sun and rain will do that) I wanted to get replace ments. I too was told that Sun Mt. makes the bag. I called Sun Mt. and was told they do make the Staff bag but any replacements or repairs are donr by Titleist. I called Customer Service at Titleist explained the situation and within 5days new pull tabs were delivered at no cost. Don't know what model bag you have but I would suggest you call Customer Service at Titleist and find out what they suggest. If you bought this through your local pro-shop they should be able to handel as well.

  4. Skip M

    Assuming you are in the US, it is NOT true that SM still makes all of Titleist's stand and cart bags.  If your 2013 stand mechanism looks noticeably different than your 2004, it's not designed nor made by Sun Mountain.  While I think they've tweaked it a bit over the years, SM's stand mechanism is patented and is the best I've found for retracting legs quickly and holding them tight to the bag.  You can see the specifics of SM's stand design by doing a google image search for "5762189."  It is kind of a "Y" shape rod from top to bottom.

    If you have the 2013 Ultra lightweight stand bag, I've heard it is made by one of the dozens of Chinese bag makers. 

  5. Justinu3

    I don't know about the legs not being made by SM.  I have a 2010 14 way bag and my legs looks just like the ones on the SM ones.

    No issues at all for me.  I walk and ride and the bag is great!

  6. Mike P.

    I personally like my sun mountain 3-5. I know someone that got their bag for Christmas (I think its the lightweight stand bag) and the legs on the bag are bending. Although, I would love to have the Titleist name on my bag.

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