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DIY Paintfill suggestions sought

Paul D

Hi all, 

I've got a new set of 712CB's being built, should have'em in a week or so.  I'd like to get some stamping done, and custom paint fill.  These are going to be my babies for a long time to come, so I'd like to give them my personal touch.  Maintaining the iron satin finish is paramount for this project.  I'm not opposed to having a pro do it for me, but would like to explore other options first.  Thanks for all advice and suggestions.


San Diego, Ca.

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  1. Nick T

    Custom paint fill is easy.  I like to you use Tamiya paints.  It holds up well.  Just remove the old paint with acetone, apply the new paint and then remove excess paint with a paper towel with acetone on it.  A real quick swipe should do it.  

    Stamping is a little tougher of a job.  A good set of stamps, a medium weight hammer, some double sided taped so the stamp doesn't move and some practice is what's needed. Definitely try it out on some old clubs first. 

    Good Luck!!!

  2. Paul D

    Thanks Nick T,

    I will give the Tamiya paints a try.  New irons and wedges should be here in a I think I'm gonna start practicing paintfill on some old irons first.  Really just looking to add my initials (red) to the new set...I think I decided defacing the paint currently on the irons and adding my personal paint preference was too much work...they already look good.  But that's not to say, some red initials wouldn't set them off!

    I found a solution to the local fitter (good friend), has a full stamp kit at his shop.  I'm gonna have him stamp all my initials...then I'm gonna do all the paint fill all at once.  Figure it's better I have someone with experience do the stamping, so as to have it look as uniform as possible.  



  3. Carlo Angelo

    Great idea. Post some pics after! And do share how it all went.

    Maybe I could consider in doing this as well...


  4. Tim Tiger

    Sharpie makes a great Oil based paint marker.  I have used it on my wedges and it holds up fine. 


  5. Andrew A

    I would be curious to know how the paint fill project went and if it was as simple as described.  I would like to jolt my AP2's with a splash of color.

  6. Paul D


    Sorry no pics just yet...but wanted to let you all know that I decided on three new Vokey SM4 BN wedges with the looks like I'll be stamping those babies too!  

    Check back in a week for pics.

  7. Carlo Angelo

    Tried to do it as well.  Painting was easy.  But the stamping is a different thing, it is indeed tricky and needs getting used to.  Good thing I used an old  Vokey Oil Can wedge... the metal seems harder compared to the SM4's.

    I need more practice!!!


  8. Hotsauce

    I've never done stamping, but I think I'm going to try it. Do-it-yourself pain is one of the easiest things you can do, and there's no way to mess it up. If you use some acetone you can erase any of the mistakes you may have made

  9. Andrew A

    Just finished my wedges and it was a much simpler project than I had imagined.  I chose orange and royal blue.  Pretty sweet.

  10. jeff l

  11. Justin S

    Been using Elmers paint pens for quite awhile.  Holding up just fine.  Fine tips work best. 

  12. jeff l

    did them in red black and blue                                                                                                                                                                                  

  13. Hotsauce

    Andrew A

    Just finished my wedges and it was a much simpler project than I had imagined.  I chose orange and royal blue.  Pretty sweet.

    looking good!  

  14. jeff l

  15. James B

    GREAT pics - I don't think I wanna attemp something like that - better leave it to the professionals ;-)

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