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14 way stand bag strap

jim p

I see that the strap on the new 14 way premium stand bag has changed from the x-strap to a single strap system.  Can someone tell me if you can use both shoulders with the single strap or is it designed to be used with only 1 shoulder?  It is difficult to tell from the pictures.

Thank you

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  1. jim p

    Does anyone have any helpful information?

  2. Keith M

    It's a single strap on the 14 way premium.  And no, I wouldn't recommend trying to carry it across both shoulders, unless you want to hurt your neck.

    Check out the 14 way lightweight bag, particularly if you often walk during your rounds of golf.  As for me, most of the time, I'm just walking from the car to cart and not having the x-strap is a non-concern for me. 

  3. Connor I.

    Hi Jim, that golf bag is made specifically for people who occasionally walk and mostly ride. Yes you are supposed to carry that bag normally with just one shoulder being that it is a single strap. If you like the double strap system but still want plenty of room for your stuff take a look at the Titleist 14-way lightweight stand bag, it weighs 5.5 pounds and has a comfortable double strap.

  4. jim p

    Thank you for the responses guys.  I will check out the lightweight bag.

  5. Chris92009

    The previous years version of the 14 way premium bag had the x strap system as you is also almost a pound heavier! LOL

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