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Titleist 14 slot Stand Bag

Dan S

Any of you guys have the Titleist 14 way stand bag? I considering it as my next bag but wondered id the extra weight of the dividers is worth it. Do it actually make it easier to keep grips and shafts separated throughout the length of the bag when taking clubs out or just separated on the top?

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  1. Mike B

    I just picked on up last week, the dividers do not add much extra weight at all, and it is nice to have all of the clubs separate. They just keep it separated at the top, but it still makes a huge difference.


  2. Dan S

    Thanks. Because I need  new stand bag. I love my Ogio I have now but 14 clubs cause me to "shake" the bag every couple of holes to keep club grips & shafts separated. Plus Titleist 14 way seems smaller than some of the others which are just about large as a cart bag.

  3. Keith M

    I just bought one a couple of weeks ago.  It's worth it.  The individual slots keep the clubs from bouncing around and when you're walking you don't hear the "click-clack" of your irons banging together.  Aside from being really annoying, I was always worried the clubs would get knicked up. 

    The other thing I really like is having the individual slots for woods.  I never liked putting steel shafted irons with graphite woods, it seemed like a disaster waiting to happen. 

    Overall a great bag and I don't notice any added weight with this vs. my old bag.

  4. Chris S


     I have a 14 way stand bag and cannot feel any added weight from the dividers. Occasionally clubs do get "stuck" going in but I think that is stand bags in general. Its just not as often. I haven't had any problems taking clubs out. I know my bag has full length dividers also. 

     Hope this helps

     Chris S

  5. Fred C

    Several of my friends have the 14 way divider bag and it does reduce the "clanging" and probably does better protect the shafts. What they like best is the ease of extracting a club and putting it back in.

  6. Chris92009

    Route Burner,

    I have one from last year which was a little over 6 pounds and noticed compared to previous bags it was slightly heavier and opted midseason to go with the lightweight bag....however I love the 14 slots!  The 2013 version appears to be almost a pound lighter so I will definitely be revisiting this and considering obtaining the newer version since I really like this 14 way feature for a bag opening! FWIW

  7. Tim Tiger

    I like my Lightweight stand bag much better then the 14 way.  I have a larger putter grip and like the ease of getting it in and out of the bag.  Plus the pockets on the 2013 Lightweight are very well placed.


  8. G. Ray

    I bought my first Titleist 14way bag in 2011.  Last season one was released that appeared slightly bigger and I loved them both.   There is never a struggle getting your clubs out and back into the bag...  There is plenty of room for rain gear and other on the course accessories.   I highly recommend this bag


    I have the 14 slot bag and it just as lite as all the other Titleist stand bags. I really appreciate how it keeps my driver and woods apart from one another especially when I don't put the head covers right back on after hitting. Its my third season with this bag and it has really maintained a good condition. Sometimes it is hard to find the open slot when its the one in the middle and its hiding behind some club heads but the pros totally outweigh that only con I have had. If your not sure if its worth it or that it matters, the answer is simple.............. It Is and it does. ;)

  10. chris m

    While this bag does weigh a pound or two more than a typical stand bag I really enjoy the 14. My clubs are much easier to find and replace and the wear on the clubs is greatly reduced since they don't bang into each other. Plus it is quieter since they aren't constantly banging around. Just makes for a little better workout while you are walking!

  11. KEITH S

    It is my understanding the dividers are FULL length. The boxing of the dividers should help with the pulling and putting clubs.

    As for the "click-clack", you're always going to get that with all open carry bags, dividers or not. Yes that "click-clack" of the clubs

    WILL age your irons over time. By then it'll be time for the newest version of your favorite Titleist irons to be put in the 14-way full 

    length boxed divider carry bag, then the circle of life begins again.

    By the way, I saw this bag earlier today, and I've already ordered one. They look AWESOME!


  12. Fred C

    Honestly, it isn't noticeably heavier once you put in your clubs and the other things you normally carry.  

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