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Tim C

Looks like I wont be playing any golf this weekend, I woke up to a fresh 12 inches of snow on the ground. When will this winter ever end. 

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  1. eboos

    Tim C

    Looks like I wont be playing any golf this weekend, I woke up to a fresh 12 inches of snow on the ground. When will this winter ever end. 

    Phil got it wrong this year.

    I was hoping to get a couple of rounds in during spring break with my 7 yearold son (will be his first rounds). The snow that we got a few weeks ago is almost gone, but now it looks like more is on its way. Hopefully it will be gone within a week.

  2. Taylor R

    I feel your pain Tim, I'm from WV and we got about 8 inches. I am beyond ready for the winter to end so I can get back out on the course. Hopefully we can ge back out their soon to work on our game. Good luck in the future.

  3. Keano26

    I feel your pain, Tim. I live in NY, and my local course was supposed to open this Saturday. Now, we're supposed to get 5-10 inches of snow...Looks like no golf until April for me as well. Shoot me.

  4. Tom S.


  5. 808HACKER

    The weathers been really acting up these past years.  Seems to me like there's no four seasons anymore, just Winter and Summer.  And is just me or is time going by faster these days...hmmm

  6. Jayme G

    I'm playing golf this weekend. Weather is going to be 56 and SUNNY!!! Wish i had some Titleist golf balls to test out on the course.  

  7. Taylor R

    I agree sir, time is going by faster to me as well. Was just wondering if anybody else felt the same way.

  8. Christopher V

    Should be an ok weekend in ohio....desperately waiting for spring to get here so I can try out the new stick!

  9. Michael JC

    808HACKER, I have read that the universe is accelerating, if that is true does this mean time is accelerating also?

    Is 24 hours really 24 hours? Anyway, up here in Vermont, we have geese headed north. Just waiting for Red

    Winged Blackbirds to show up, then we are good to go in a couple of weeks.

  10. Bill P

    Hi.....we're all confused here in western Mass.......had a red winged blackbird on our feeder earlier this week, then 5 inches of snow last night......AP2's being delivered tomorrow or Monday......when will they get used....?? Suppose to be low 50's most of next week, so at the least it will be a sloppy mess for a little while....hopefully we'll be out there before the end of March.....!!


  11. Hotsauce

    We're in the same boat.  I just spent the morning digging my wife's car out... I can't wait for spring

  12. Brannon A

    Haha yeah I live in iowa and last year I was on the golf course last month. I am so ampt for the golf season!! I haven't been this pumped for anything like this since last year when we found that the high school varsity golf team I play on were going to the state tournament. We have another year of a great golf team! Im a junior and have this year and next year to hopefully go back to that state tournament. Been hitting in my garage a lot and getting my form memorized and getting the feel of the club in my had. I have also been using the putting stick that I have so I get those 4 foot putts down and im not nervous about them when i get in a tournament situation.

  13. Tim Tiger

    We have mid 60's here and plenty of time to golf.  Mix in a bit of rain to get the grass growing and it will be a perfect spring/summer.


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