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Becoming a pro golfer


I am new to the game and I enjoy it very much.

I would like to try my hand at becoming a profesional golfer.

What would be the best route to take?

I am in South Africa.

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  1. Rob K

    Practice practice practice!! 

    Surround yourself with good people and ask a lot of questions about all aspects of the game with local pros. 


  2. AJ K

    Thank you Rob.. 

    I am already commited to the practice..

    As soon as I con afford it I will be upgrading to some awsome titleist clubs..

    I'll keep everybody posted..

  3. Carlo Angelo

    Keep playing and practicing!!!  Then try to join some amateur tournaments to get noticed and known, and get some credibility by winning.  Surround yourself with golf professionals, so that you can get information on how to become one in South America.

    Good luck!


  4. Don O

    I noticed you said South Africa.  Ernie E. has sponsored training programs for young golfers.  It is important that you learn good habits while practicing a lot.  Any program for youths that gives you access to professionals for lessons will be valuable.

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