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The Game Your Game system


Good afternoon titleist staff..

I assume everybody knows about the new wearably stat monitor..

Are we gonna be able to upload thoughs stats onto our profiles?

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  1. James B

    wearably stat monitor ? Not familiar with this - what is it and where do I get info about it

  2. AJ K

    It is, what looks like a brilliant piece of new technology.. Lee Westwood helped with the product development.

    Check out this website for more information..

    Or just follow the link

  3. asousa

    I haven't heard about this either.  More info please.

  4. pulplvr

    This is the URL for Game Golf.  It appears to be at present a request for sign-ups/donations to help the company produce the system.  Seems to replace a need for a GPS, but I cannot tell for sure from looking at the site.

  5. AJ K

    Yes they are still trying to get the product out.. But if you watch the video they posted it explains the product nicely.. I really think it is a good product. 

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