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Mike D., Team Titleist Manager Team Titleist Staff

Hi Team Titleist,

We've been busy behind the scenes again and making some enhancements to the layout of the Beta view. We heard a lot of great feedback from everyone and went back to the drawing board on the Discussions layout to incorporate some of the suggestions we received.

As you will see, we've reverted back to more of a stacked, chronological view of the posts and we've added some more post details at the top level of the categories to help provide a glimpse of the recent activity.

We've also updated the "What's Trending" page to be a little more uniform in it's layout while providing new filtering options at the top of the page. Now you can easily select which stream of updates you want to explore from the TT Blog and Discussions to our Twitter feeds and Facebook updates along with our Instagram feed.

If you don't already follow us on Instagram, check us out here:

Most of these updates went live yesterday and we would love to hear what you all think about this latest release.

As always, keep the suggestions coming!



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  1. eboos

    I like the changes made to the discussion board. The previous layout was hard to follow.

  2. Bill P

    Hi Mike,

        Wow....that's much better...!! The "old beta" looked very was hard to find and follow the topic you were interested in.....

         Great work......hopefully now the team will have time to switch gears and work on the Android app..!!


  3. Chris92009

    Looks great! Thanks for keeping the site fresh and easy to use!

    Cheers, Chris

  4. Tim Tiger

    The updates are very neat and tidy.  I guess I was in the minority that didn't mind the old beta layout.  

    Keep up the great work.


  5. Andrew A

    MUCH BETTER!!  Excellent work!

  6. Chris S

    The new beta is much better now. Easier to follow. Keep up the good work TT!

     Chris S

  7. Dr. Kovatchian

    The new Beta site is a big improvement over the first would be cool if the functionality allowed you to scroll the discussions up and down while the categories on the left remained still.

    DR. K

  8. Mike C

    The new Beta layout is much more intuitive and easy to follow.  The first thing i would select in the previous Beta version was "View TT Classic" so the items were presented in a more organized, chronoligical order.  The updated Beta version does a great job of combining some of the elements from the original beta version with the linear organization of the original format.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for all of your efforts!

  9. Justinu3

    Mike, really digging the enhancements and it feels so much cleaner.  It'd be cool to eventually load any images from the thread as the preview image and only use the stock ones as a default when an image isn't uploaded by a user.


  10. 808HACKER

    Love the new feel...easier to follow.  Great job TT Staff!!!

  11. ToddL

    Mike - much improved design.  I really like the "stacking".  It was too busy in the other format.  Also, appears that the names of the thread titles are a larger font.  Very nice indeed!  

    Thanks for the updates!

  12. Daniel R

    when will mobile site be up?

  13. Quintin H

    I didn't use the old beta, this one is usable.

    Hopefully all the "script stop working" while on TT classic will stop now while using the new beta.

  14. David C


    I agree with previous comments.  The layout is much better and easier to follow.

    Great Job.

  15. kbsmth

    What about the blog content? I haven't seen any contests that I know many of us are interested in.

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