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Thank you Team Titleist!

Bill F

Hi all,

Just wanted to thank Team Titleist for the honor to be a very, very small part of such a terrific company like Titleist. I was lucky enough to be a part of one of the new ProV1x vignette commercials running on Golf Channel over the past few months. I can't tell you how great it has been with all the feedback (i.e trash talk) I have gotten from my golf buddies who have seen it.

My young Daughter thinks I'm a movie star! Thanks so much Titleist, keep being the standard for golf equipment like you have always been since I started playing this great game 30+ years ago!

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  1. Olivia S

    #TeamTitileist I'm dying for this kind of opprotunity, choose me next time! Next 'movie star' right here!

  2. Steve H


    Isn't it the greatest honor to be part of this great company.  I haven't had the chance to be a movie star, but my office is part of the images of Team Titleist on Yahoo.. And, like you, my golf buddies give me sh.. about it all day every day.  However, it's been a very awesome part of my life.  Congrats man!!!!

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