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Golf Game is shut down due to Blood Clot

Robert Sellman

Found out yesterday that I have a blood clot below the left knee that I had replaced. The doc said I could do what I wanted but the pain will limit you. The pain is very intense at times and I can hardly walk. It's spring and I was looking forward to playing more. I have already played quite a bit this winter when the weather was good. I will just see how this goes.

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  1. Steve H


    My heart goes out to you man...Having my knee replaced last Deptember was a total blessing.  I had no pain after.  I hope they can fix the problem and that you can look to many more fairways and greens.  God speed in your recovery.....

  2. Dan W

    Keep your chin up deaconnfann. I've known people who've had a blood clot, had to have surgery, but in the end came back and were able to get on with their lives without the pain. Keep the faith.

  3. Christian J

    That's a real bummer.  I hope you the best of luck with your recovery, and hope you can get back on the course later this year.  Don't rush things though, because that could make things worse.   Take the time with your recovery, and hopefully you come back better than ever.

  4. Robert Sellman

    I found out I don't have a blood clot which is great,but I do have an inflamed Bursa Sac behind the knee I had replaced and it still hurts like the devil. So I'm still shut down until I can get an injection into it to relieve the pain. I hope that is Thursday.

  5. SGB

    Hey deaconfann - Glad that it was not a blood clot, but sorry that you still have that pain! Having had multiple surgeries to rebuild my left knee thru the years, I know that it can seem like a pain-free knee day is just a wish away! I know I watched a lot of Golf Channel when recuperating. Will look forward to you getting out soon for golf and more importantly, getting pain free again! 

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