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Staff Bag

Ricky S

I recently purchased a midsize staff bag and am just curious on the best way to keep it clean and water repellent ?  Any info would be appreciated.

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  1. Johny Mak


    Hey Ricky,

    Great choice!

    I bought the same one and it will be 3rd type of bag over the last 10 years.

    The best way I've found in cleaning them has been just a wet towel (mild dish soap optional)

    and wipe it down before or after a round being diligent will keep the bag looking

    like new! If you are extreme like me I have also used a can of air to blow out

    the dust from the zipper and hard to reach areas.

    The material is made for the outdoors so do not worry if it gets wet jagain just wipe it down with a dry


    Hoped this helped and enjoy your new bag :)




  2. Finn Train

    Would like some help with my new Titleist bag also??

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