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Range Finder


Hello TT,

Thinking about buying a range finder, price range is around $100-150.  Any recommendations?


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  1. tdogg21

    if you can be patient and look for deals, i picked up a bushnell tour v2 patriot pack for about $170 after a mail-in rebate.  i have to admit, i got a bit lucky on that one, but it just shows there are deals out there if you can find them.

  2. Ethan J

    I found a Bushnell Pro 1m on amazon for half the going price. I would check there.

  3. Mickey G

    Seriously, download an GPS/ range finder app for a smart phone. Most are free, all you need is a full charge before you start a round. Swing By Swing is a nice one. Use the cash towards a personal swing analyser. It can give you tons of insight into your swing, tendencies, average club distances, etc. These two together, wow, what a caddie! I would say 5 to 8 shots per round.

    Good luck!

  4. Skylar T

    Stick to bushnell, skycaddie , and the cally ones are pretty good.  I have one that I bought for cheap brand new (like 100 bucks) and it didn't even work at all.  Every time I tried to laser the flag it would just hit something in the background.  So I would stick to something of good quality because you don't want to waste your money on something that doesn't work.  My favorite one that I have used so far is the bushnell tour v2 because it's just easy to use and never has problems.  

  5. 808HACKER

    Thanks for the awesome ideas, I'll definitely check them out.   :)

  6. Nathan L

    I have to also second the Swing by Swing iPhone app.  If you want to spend hundreds of dollars on an extra piece of gear that only tells you the distance to one object, by all means enjoy yourself.  The phone app comes on something you're probably already carrying with you, plus gives you the google maps overhead of the hole you're on and allows you to touch anywhere on the map to get distance to that point and from that point to the green.  A rangefinder can tell you how far to the flag but can it tell you what yardage takes the fairway bunker or pond out of play, or how much room there is to miss on any side of the green? Oh yeah, and the app is FREE, which means there's no excuse for not at least trying it before throwing away a new Vokey wedge on a rangefinder.

  7. Dr. Kovatchian

    Do yourself a favor and get one of these!!!!

    Leupold GX-3i Golf Laser Rangefinder

    They are the the best on the market...I have tested many!!!!


    You can find deals online for around $250.00.


  8. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    I have a Leupold and love it. I've used GPS, Aps and lasers before, and I've found lasers work best for me. I think all range finders have their pros and cons, but I'm definitely happy with the Leupold. I have the GX-4i with interchangeable face plate for slope. Great feature for practice rounds. Let us know what you end up going with. 


  9. Ron R

    I bought a Bressler online for 133 shipping included.   Its just a rangefinder with no slope but I like it.  Problem is sometimes it locks on to back-ground stuff.  

  10. Daniel A

    Id recommend the Bushnell with the pin seeker it works great i too had a problem of shooting stuff behind/infront of pins.

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