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Small box from Titleist

Rachel H

I just received a small box full of Titleist products for absolutely free! The box had a ladies hat, stickers and a Titleist lanyard in it! DId anyone else receive this?

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  1. B Parks

    Looks like just you so far. I posted on your Instagram pic too. Was that a hand written note or a printed to look hand written note?

  2. 808HACKER

    I have not, but would be nice to get one for my wife.  Hope you enjoy your surprise gift.  REPRESENT!!

  3. andrew b

    Congrats on the nice swag from Titleist! Kudos to Titleist for doing something nice for a customer for no apparent reason...well done.

  4. Andrew A

    Sounds like you were one of the lucky ones.  Titleist has always been good about sending out "freebies" to their loyal customers.  While I didn't receive this package, I have received a lanyard and other small items in the past.  It's always a great feeling getting that unexpected box from the greatest brand in golf!  Enjoy!!!

  5. Rachel H

    it was a hand written note!

  6. Rachel H

    It made my day! I wouldn't mind getting a box from them everyday!

  7. Rachel H

    Thanks! I'll definitely enjoy my new gift!

  8. Tim Tiger

    Congrats on the delivery.  That's what makes this site great.  They pay attention and reward the members on occasion.


  9. Breks19

    That's awesome Titleist sure does know how to reward their loyal customers. Congrats, I hope they send out more to some of us in the future.

  10. Dallin H

    Nothing beats coming home from work and finding a package of swag...especially Titleist swag. Congratutlations on your package!

  11. Ron M.

    Congrats Rachel....enjoy your new swag....Got to love TT

  12. Fran M

    nice that titleist is taking care of the ladies!

  13. memphisunited

    Congrats.  Always nice to get something that is unexpected - unexpectedly good that is.   :)

  14. asousa

    A package like that will definitely make your day!

  15. Matthew S

    Congrats and enjoy! It's nice getting a package from Acushnet.

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