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wait time on a stock 913 D2?

Nick G

i just cracked my 905r, and i need a new driver for a big tournament next weekend.  is there anyway i can expedite an order through titleist and have it by next friday? it will not be anything special.  stock diamana 73g shaft, standard length.  thank you for your time, and this is coming from a player whose golf bag has been nothing but titleist for the last 11 years.

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    If we have something in stock, and you place the order to ship today (Friday), you can get it in one week.  It is a 5 day ground shipping time to the east coast.  If the order does not ship today, you will have to air ship it to get it in time.  If you are simply looking for a stock club, you might call some of your local shops and just purchase it locally.  Here is the link:

  2. Nick G

    Thank you for your reply Cathi, 

    I placed the order through titleist a little more than 2 hours ago.  i left a note on the form stating i would be willing to pay for faster shipping.  the last thing i want to do is be a pain in the butt for anyone. 

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