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Paint Removal

Coach Jordo

Does anyone have any experience with removing paint from the AP1 712's.  Mainly the Red but would not mind stripping all the paint off.  I have seen pics of the AP2 710s stripped.  But I am more concerned with that insert put into the 712's.  Is that painted?  

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


-Coach Jordo

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  1. Skylar T

    I have accidentally taken paint off my clubs with a pressure washer.  This may work for you.

  2. Robert

    some aircraft or industrial paint stripper would do the trick. try Tal-Strip and you'll be able to put it on the areas you want. I'd agree, a nice, clean and color free set of AP1's would look sweet.

  3. Coach Jordo

    Do you know anything about the insert?  Is that painted?  I have seen some 710 AP2s that were stripped but they did not have that insert.  

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