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Team Titleist round up!!!

Carlo Angelo

I would like to post a shout out to all TT members in the mid-West... particularly in WI.  Season has began, the weather and the courses are just set to get better.  Anybody up for a get-together round???

It has always been in the works but has never pushed thru... aside from the posting here it would be nice to get acquainted personally!

Happy golfing everyone!


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  1. Tyler H

    You must be in the southern part of the state. I think we are optimistically looking at next week in the Appleton area. I would be interested in potentially meeting to play a round of golf.


  2. Curtis M

    Get it a little closer to west Illinois, I'm in!   Heck, if you give me enough time to plan I would probably be down for a little travel as well. 

  3. Carlo Angelo

    Hi Tyler. Just a little north of Milwaukee. About 1.5 hour drive to Appleton.  Some courses have opened 9 holes walking in the area.  But yea, in the next week or so... before we get a lot of good weather!

    Will be in touch.


  4. Carlo Angelo

    Hey Curtis.  That will be fine, thats doable. Even somewhere in the middle... Will keep in touch.


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