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Special "Bag" for Titleist @ The Masters

Steven H

I was wondering if Titleist would consider having a "special" Masters Bag for its Ambassadors for the Tournament, in the future, and maybe even consider having special Tour Bags for the Ambassadors for all 4 majors?

Not a criticism at all, just asking.

Being fitted for AP2s this week, can't wait!

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  1. Justinu3

    I don't believe Titleist EVER changes the bag for any tournament.  They don't use gimmicks like Cobra, TM, etc.... 

    I believe they made the USA Ryder Cup bags (although I don't think they said Titleist anywhere on them).  

    The Titleist brand is one thing.  Consistent.  It stands for the same things year in and year out....  Quality and Performance.   

    Just my two cents of course...

  2. Andrew A

    Persona, I appreciate the fact that Titleist hasn't jumped on the recent trend of major tournament redesign.  A quality brand such as Titleist doesn't need a gimick to promote it's superior product.  It's known everywhere when you see that black bag piped in red and white, it's holds the best clubs and balls played on tour!

  3. Praka A

    Can't wait to see Special Edition Titleist in Green.  I have to get one if any... A bit of green, with yellow line and black must be great.

  4. Austin C

    that would be a sight to see, definitely would like to see them made!!! 

  5. James B

    A masters bag would be cool but, wouldn't it be just for the week of masters ? seems like a lot of trouble to produce a special bag for each tournament ?

  6. matt t

    Scotty Cameron designed the Ryder Cup bag.

  7. David Browning

    One of the reasons why I've been a Titleist loyalist for years and years is because they're more traditional than some of those other companies. 

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