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New Vokey Gear

Christopher K

New Vokey gear is available.  I just ordered the alignment sticks and mesh hat, one for my Dad too.  All in the colors of the year's first major!

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  1. Justinu3

    Grabbed the bag, hat, bag tag and polo!  GREAT RELEASE!!! 

    Dave and the Vokey team really raise the bar every time!  Well done

  2. asousa

    Look forward to the Vokey releases every month.  I got the alignment sticks when they released them last time, one of my best purchases and get a lot of compliments on them.  

  3. Kenny

    Really diggin the new alignment sticks!! Vokey always comes out with great merchandise.

  4. james o

    I agree, Vokey has had some great stuff lately.  I missed out on the sticks for this release, but I'm hoping that they come out with some for the US Open, red white & blue would look cool.

  5. Nick F

    Where do I go for the new vokey gear?

  6. Christopher K

    There's already some up on EBay, at twice the original purchase price or more.  The hats too.

  7. Andrew O

    Great release!  I picked up the alignment sticks and bag tag.  I loved the shirt, but I already have that exact shirt (with FJ on the collar) so really couldn't justify two of the exact same shirt.

  8. Christopher K

    Nick F

    Where do I go for the new vokey gear?

    everything went up on the Vokey site Wednesday, but most sold out by that evening.  

  9. Aaron R

    Picked up the "clover" hat last week. Love the quality of the wedgeworks hats.

  10. Johnny C

    I missed the alignment sticks... darn.

  11. Christopher K

    Johnny C

    I missed the alignment sticks... darn.

    yeah, they went quick.  Follow Vokey on Twitter.  That's where they announce the new merchandise releases.

  12. Bill T

    Just wanting to know where to find the new Vokey Gear ? Thanks .

    Bill T.

  13. Christopher K

    Just arrived!

  14. Johnny C

    Thanks for rubbing it in Christopher!  j/k.  nice!

  15. Clay C

    I ordered the alignment sticks also. Should be here today.

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