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Customized Hats - Wish List

Andrew A

I wish Titleist offered a design your own hat similar to the My Joys that Foot Joy does.  Personally, I would love to customize the colors of the low profile visor and not be limited to the few selections that are currently offered.  The lay-out could remain the same, but to pick the base color and the thread colors of the Titleist, Pro V1 and FJ logo would be AWESOME!!!  I would own sooooooo many!!! 

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  1. El Gato

    I totally agree with this! I think this could be huge for titleist.

    Also I would love to see the hats like the pros wear available to the public. especilly with the little titleist script small on the side where the fj usually is. Or Matteo's kinder hat!

    great idea

  2. Daniel A

    So would I! That would be really neat! Plus if you could put your name on the back or something that would be awesome!


  3. memphisunited

    That sounds like a great idea.  

    On the flip side, I wish there was a way to standardize, or maybe customize, the sizing (depth?) of the fitted hats.  I like my hats to sit down on my head, but I can take 6 of the same size and it's hit or miss on finding the fit that I'm looking for.  I guess that's the problem with having a large cranium :)

  4. Fran M

    I agree this would be something i would use, already buy at least 3 or 4 new visors every year! Great Idea!

  5. Eddie M

    This would be so ridiculously badass. One could only hope.

  6. joe t

    I'm looking for a Titleist pink colored hat for breast Cancer events this year. Anybody know what pro shop has them?

  7. Olivia S

    Defiantly! Would order a lot if that option was available! Great idea, hopefully Team Titleist will look into it,

  8. Ryan P

    I agree . I love the idea of making it mine.

  9. Russ S

    That would look great with the limited edition pink ProV1 !!

  10. Tim Tiger

    Custom hats would be a great idea.  Would like to be able to match up with the FJ apparel and shoe offerings.


  11. V. M. JOHNSON

    Custom hats. Great idea!!!! Truly make your hat or visor personal.

  12. Justinu3

    At a minimum Titleist should offer the cubic mesh hats in the color combinations that big names like Adam Scott and Webb Simpson wear!  I know Zach Johnson wears this type of hat (granted different logos).  But it needs to be Black/White, White/Black, White/Navy, Navy/White.  No secondary colors bordering the script on the front.

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