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Women's bag 14 slot

Francisco B

Women's bag 14 slot

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  1. Francisco B

    Don't know why it keeps doing this but here we go again I think team titleist has to fix this little prob every time I tried to make a new post off my phone it just comes up with the title ... Anyways my last statement was

    My gf use to play high school golf and has recently got back into the game I guess you can say thanks to me :) but my question to titleist is there a 14 slot bag with women colors you guys know pink, aqua , purple anything like that I have seen a couple pink ones out but they all have 4 or 6 slot. My gf was very particular in choosing a bag with 14 slot she really wants a titleist one and hate to steer away from titleist because of these reasons any chance you guys have made one previously or planning to really would appreciate the feed back guys

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