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Golf Fitness

Robert Sellman

I have decided to kinda put my golf game on hold to get in better shape to play golf. I've cut back to once a week for now and hitting the gym 7 days a week. I picked up a few exercises from TPI and incorporated them into my workout and I'm also on a golf workout at my gym. I can already tell I have more flexibility when I play and my joints don't hurt as bad from the weight I had on me. Have any of you took time off to do this?

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  1. AJAR

    Hey deaconfann,

    I am currently doing this. Firstly, I am also a huge fan of the work that the TPI has contributed to Golf Fitness.

    Late last year I decided to track down Bud Cauley's trainer (who happens to be Jim Furyk and Billy Horschel's trainer) and went down to Jacksonville in early March to spend some training time with him. I was interested in what someone similar in stature to myself was doing to stay in competition with the guys on tour. So I tracked down Jeff Fronk at FITNESS BY FRONK. I had an appointment with Jeff straight after Billy Horschel's 'Inside the PGA' filming with the Golf Channel so Jeff kindly introduced me to Billy, his wife and the Golf Channel crew. Click this link to see the episode (I'm the silhouette in the background at the 19 second mark):

    Jeff is a great trainer but a generous man first and foremost. I asked him to show me what it takes for Bud to stay in shape and he took me through 2 hours of pliability, strength, power and complex training and then reviewed his program structure. I recommend you contact him in the future or perhaps download his e-book 'Strong=Long'. Currently, I only play once a week, practice another, and have a 5 day training program and in 6 weeks I am starting to notice a lot more stability through my swing and can easily keep my balance to the finish. I'll continue to do this through this year and will start playing in Amtour and as many tournaments as possible next year.



  2. eboos

    Now that the spring college season is over, I am going to take some time to heal and do some cycling. For the past few weeks, I have had some neck pain, and while it felt better towards this weekend, I think I reinjured it playing on Sunday. I enjoy cycling, and with my knees (yes, my body is a complete mess), it is one of the few thing that I can do which helps keep me in shape. I just don't like to do both cycling and golf on the same day. Before the season and during, I was practicing nearly every day. Now that it is over I will get on the bike and let the neck and shoulder take a break.

  3. Deno

    Good Luck with the training deaconfan.  Be sure to talk to a trainer about a seven day schedule though.   You need a day off for your body to rest and recoup during the week.  TPI has filed a much needed void in the game.

    All the best


  4. Joshua O

    At the end of last season I was feeling like my fitness was negatively effecting my game late in the rounds. After walking 18 holes I was worried that if i ever needed to play extra holes I would be in trouble.

    I have been working on eating healthy and removing all refined sugars (soda & candy...) 

    My current regiment is:

     Monday - Crossfit

    Tuesday- rowing/core and light running

    Wed - Crossfit

    Thurday- Swim 3000yards

    Friday- Swim 2000 yards + long run

    I have currently lost 25 pounds, and without actively trying to lose weight it is still coming off slowly. To keep my game in shape I make sure I swing 100 times per day (per Hank Haney). My ball speeds have increase and I definitely have longer stamina. I have went from a 170mph to 180's mph ball speeds.

    Competative golf is not a fat old man sport...  

  5. Christian J

    I'm with all of you guys on this topic.  Lately I have really enjoyed working out and lifting weights.  I've been going through the TPI website to find workouts for me to do, and I love them.  I started about two weeks ago and have noticed some great results.  I've been driving the ball around 280 and pretty straight, which is a huge improvement from my 250 yard drives and slicing.  I've also lost 5 pounds, but I'm not too worried about my weight.  Keep up the work guys, it will show on the course!

  6. Robert Sellman

    It's good to see others doing this.I do take one day a week off just to play and it really has been fun that way.I have lost 17 lbs during the month of April,big change was no diet soda and I drink Green Tea now.I'm on a low sodium diet and I watch everything I eat.. I turn 50 this year so I'm not a competitive golfer,but I want to be good when I play. Plus 15 surgeries have taken a toll on me,including a low back fusion and a left knee replacement. So I really doing this to feel good and for my joint health.

  7. Rachel H

    Joshua O, this is a great workout plan! I currently just graduated with a Health and Wellness degree and it sounds to me like you are doing everything right! Keeping your diet clean and training mean will definitely improve your performance. Weight training and flexibility are extremely important aspects of the golf game. Keep up the good work!

  8. Deno

    Keep up the good work Joshua.   I will definately pay off in spades.


  9. clayton t

    i started golf to get into shape the public course here i paid 210 that gives me mon thru thursday to play for 2 years as l walk the course.

  10. Don O

    Reminds me of an article in one of the golf magazines about Pro-Am days.  The clearly out of shape amateur asks the pro for the single best tip on how to improve.  The pros have been working on an answer a little less direct than lose 30 pounds and work out.  Not a swing tip in the world can overcome that handicap.

    I'm not working out 6 or 7 days a week, but I do 3-4 days a week of anerobic, aerobic, and stretching.  Besides imrpoving swing speed, it has given me more energy and resolved a variety of ankle, knee, and lower back aches and pains.  Stretching hard after a round and the next morning, and I'm good to go for the next day.  If I never played another round, I'd keep a routine.

  11. Joshua O

    So how is everyone's fitness going?

    I have been traveling for work over the last couple weeks and it is difficult to stay on a decent diet and keep up on the fitness. I was able to play golf almost everyday and when I was allowed to walk the course I did. I was prepared to have to loose a few pounds after eating out often while I was hopping from hotel to hotel. I came back did my normal Monday crossfit class and hopped on the scale. I came back 5 pounds lighter than I left, I am not trying to lose weight but more be healthy.  In preperation for the Public Link USGA event coming up I walked 36 holes in one day... I was beat down tired by the end. I still have some improving to do...

    On a more golf oriented note...

    Is anyones timing off due to their improved fitness? 

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