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Thoughts on fans calling in for rule violations?

Curtis M

Just curious what everyone thinks about fans being able to call in to point out a possible broken rule on tour?   

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  1. SD_Golfer

    I have no problem with fans calling in, however, once a decision is made and play continues it should be "in the books".

  2. Marc S

    Stupidest thing that ANY sport has ever allowed. Golf loses credibility every time they answer a viewers call. IMO
  3. Robert Sellman

    I don't think it's right either,you don't see this happening in other sports and shouldn't be allowed in golf. Once the scorecard is signed it should be official. You can really tell that there's a witch hunt for certain players. It can really take the wind out of a players sails when this happens.There are a lot of rules to remember in golf, if the rules official doesn't catch it when it happens then it should be done with. These guys actually do a very good job of policing themselves.Let the game be played the way it was meant to be played.

  4. Dallin H

    I get really upset when I hear about someone calling in.  With the high definition, big screen TV's these days, of course you can pick up something that might be missed by the player, caddy and/or rules official.  I'm totally against the PGA tour accepting those call ins.  I can't call Bud Selig when I see that the home plate umpire missed the call on a tag out.  You can't call Roger Goodall on a pass interference call in the NFL either.

  5. Eric R

    1)  It shouldn't be allowed.  Full Stop.

    2)  But it is with that said, once an official call/decision is "made" on a specific incident, as a previous poster mentioned that should be it, regardless.  So in the TW incident, someone called in, the officials reviewed the footage and rule that there was no rules infraction.  Should have been the end of story regardless of what he said afterwards.

    3)  And since it is allowed, then they should have a camera crew following "EVERY" player around to capture "EVERY" one of their shots, like camera crews follow TW around.  But obviously they can't, so it's grossly unfair to these players where every shot is on tape for every wannabe rules official in the world to call in a "rules" infraction, real or imagined , whereas, the other 90% of the field goes by without having to deal with such nonsense.



  6. Mark F

    I agree with all of the comments so far.  It really shouldn't be allowed.  There is one other thought line here, fairness to ALL of the players.  Since the television channels only televise during certain times, we only see part of the field. And even with that, they mostly cover the favored groups.  A lot of the players are done and gone before any TV coverage even begins.  I feel that if call ins are allowed, then all of the day's players should be televised.  Since that is a rare possibility, there should be NO call ins.  If you can't watch and call in about all of the field then you shouldn't be allowed to call in at all.

    Mark F

  7. Fred C

    I don't like it as the people in the lead are the ones on screen. Therefore, they are open to more scrutiny, whereas the rest of the field faces no chance of making a serious rule infraction. The rule book says it's incumbent on the player and fellow competitors to enforce the rules and no where does it say, "Fat guy drinking a beer in his recliner shall police the game".

  8. Deno

    Somehow the PGA powers that be love this crap.   It's called fan inclusion.   I agree with everyone that it challenges the integrity

    of the game.   Before you know it,  the phone number will be posted on the screen.  Should not  be allowed. 

  9. Deacon

    No way it should be allowed. But where are all the phone calls about slow play? The phone should never stop ringing about players playing slow. 

  10. Todd T

    Shouldn't be allowed!

  11. V. M. JOHNSON

    Not a good idea...PERIOD!!!

  12. Keith F

    There is a reason why You and I are home on the couch and not on tour.  Sit there, enjoy the action and

    keep your trap shut.  WORST move by the PGA.

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