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I need some guidance for sponsorship

Nicolas E


My son Nicolas is 13 years old (He is colombian-ecuadorian). He is playing golf since he was 7 years old. He plays  the national tournament in Ecuador and he has been increasing its level of play.

 In the competition of 2011, was first in its category.

The previous year he paused in their game in order to concentrate on his studies and grades.

He resumed the game a month ago and returned to the national tournament, winning his first tournament back in the new category. We are keen to give him the opportunity to grow and become a golf professional, and that´s why  4 years ago , he entered a U.S. School here in Guayaquil (Ecuador) to provide English language proficiency (Interamerican Academy member of  SACS). We want to guide him from now with a possible sponsor to enable us to send him to finish his studies in the United States and to practice golf , and then look for a scholarship at a university with possibilities in golf.

Would be Titleist interested in knowing a little more about Nicolas and considerer be his sponsor?.

I know that this post is pretty long, but it was the only way that I find to let you know about.

Something that can be taken into further consideration is that Nicolas is a smart, handsome boy, and is extremely helpful when analyzing the image and projection of brand marketing

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Thank you for your interest in having Nicolas sponsored.  Due to all the requests for sponsorship, we ask that each junior put together their playing resume including dates, field size, finish, future playing schedule and any national ranking. Since you are out of the country, we will forward it to the Acushnet office that oversees Columbia. 

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