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13 Year Old Scores

Connell S

What would be considered a good score for a 13 year old golfer.  I tend to shoot 42's and 43's on a 128 slope rating on my course.  Is this good?  I just wanna see how I compare to other golfers my age.

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  1. Joshua L

    It will vary widely with juniors. There was a 12 year old that played in the Volvo Championship, and there's a 14 year old that played in the masters, and made the cut. 

    Compared to when I was playing Junior golf in your age group (10 or so years ago) 42-43 would have been an above average score. Compared to some of the kids that are turning out these days, those scores would most likely be just average.

    Don't let it discourage you though, with lots of hard work and determination you can easily be shooting in the 30's by the time you get to high school. You're definitely headed in the right direction. 

  2. Deno

    Hi Connell

    Very good scores.  There are some other variables beside your age.  

      How often you play, practice, and what part of the country you are in come to mind.   If you play once a week and only seasonally you're scores are really good.   If you practice and  play a few times a week all year round, you are at a point where improvement will come quicker.   At 13, shooting those scores show you have some talent.  Keep up the good work. 


  3. Skylar T

    I think that's pretty good for a 13 year old, but there is lots of competition out there.  That kid is 12 and he made the cut at the masters, but that's pretty incredible.  Keep working hard on your game and have fun while your doing it and you can go really far.  

  4. Jack


    I'm 12 ( almost 13) and shoot anywhere from 38 to 45 on a 126 slope.

  5. Austin T

    Keep up the hard work. Practice, practice, practice. Low 40's is good for your age. if you want to be great, practice. Hard work pays off. Work on every element of your game, get total confidence in your ability to make every shot because every shot counts.

  6. Quintin H

    If you're playing on a somewhat standard course then I'd say 42-43 is pretty darn good.

    Slope, by itself, is pretty much meaningless, 128  does tell me a bogey golfer should shoot roughly 24 strokes more than the rating...........but without the rating it gives me nothing.

    for example, if the rating is 60 then you are right around bogey golfer, not bad, but if the rating is 78 someone might want to invest in you...........big difference

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