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Tour Pro Sponsers

Curtis M

Is it against the rules to be sponsered by an alcoholic company on tour?  

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  1. Joshua L

    No, Matt K. is sponsored by Grey Goose (Vodka) I'm sure there are other pro's as well who have alcoholic beverage sponsors. 

  2. Christopher K

    MK is sponsored by Grey Goose vodka, and their commercials featuring him run regularly during televised coverage of PGA events.

  3. Johnny C

    i doubt it because grey goose sponsors a few pga tour players.

  4. Curtis M

    Odd you dont see more of this.  I find it hard to believe that MIller, Bud, or any other big company wouldnt dip their hands into sponsoring tour pros.

  5. Samuel C

    Just like others have said, there are a copule players with Gray Goose. Another player is (or was) with Jimmy Walker and use to have his bag with their name on it. And another use to be with Michelob Ultra.

    I'm sure most of the tour pros know they are in the spot like and want to get some good logos on their apparel. But lately it looks like the PGA tour is turning into NASCAR and players just have logos all over their clothes and bags. 

    I think they should limit the amount of sponsors someone can wear on their clothing before it gets out of control.

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