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Another Back Injury

Robert Sellman

Hello all, My golfing days may very well be over, I had a low back fusion 4 years ago and was doing well playing golf. 2 weeks ago I was getting up off the ground and felt a "pop" in my low back. Part of my fusion hardware is broken and will require surgery to repair. So to all of you Team Titleist members PLEASE take care of your backs and stretch before you play your round. It may help you to prevent an injury like I have.

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  1. Deno


    Hope you get back on the mend soon.  Where you on the ground stretching?   I've used a Stretch Pole before every round.  On the ground stretching may have over-stressed the hardware. 

    all the best


  2. Robert Sellman

    I wasn't playing when it happened,I was getting up off the ground looking under my lawn mower. I know playing golf has put a lot strain on my back. I always stretched standing up.I have a feeling the doctor is gonna tell me I have to make a choice between golf and my overall fitness.

  3. Greg P

    Good advice.  I know I am guilty of failing to be  diligent with a proper fitness program.  Used to be a time when I could go from trunk of the car to the first tee without any problem.  Not any more.

     Listen to your doc and put the effort into your therapy--and don't give up hope.  Exercise and swing instruction that reduces stress on the back can do wonders.  I wish you all the best in your recovery.


  4. Dan W

    Hey Deaconfann,


    So sorry to hear that but don't give up hope just yet. After you get your back fixed up maybe the doc'll put you on some type of preventive maintenance fitness program. Anyway I'll hold a good thought for you and a full recovery.


    Hang in there,


  5. Nick P

    I am just getting back to 100% after a discectomy 9 weeks ago.  I'm 34 and was told over and over that I was too young to have back issues.  Discs don't discriminate on the basis of age, let me tell you.  You had a much more serious injury and surgery and perhaps a repeat.  I wish you all the best.  I also echo your comment to take care of your back, but to also not take those little things in life for granted.  Golf seemed much less important when I couldn't pick up my kids without pain shooting from my rear to my foot. Happy to report that I am a week away from a Titleist fitting for a new driver.  More importantly, I have my life back again.  Keep us posted on your progress.  Good luck!  

  6. SGB

    Hey deaconfann!

    So sorry to hear and hoping for a quick and full recovery for you! Take it slow and listen to the doctor's! Let us know how all goes as well! 

  7. Robert Sellman

    I will guys,just taking it easy now and I would love to play now but I know it's out of the question.

  8. Bryan L

    Hope you have a great recovery decon.  Think positively and do what the doctors tell you.  Don't think that you cant recover.  Focus one your first Tee off after the surgery even if it may not be this year.  Prayers for a complete healing sent your way.

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