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New to Golf

Sara L

Hello, I'm new to golfing, does anyone have any great tips for beginners?

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  1. Rob B

    Go see a PGA pro for a beginners lesson. Best money you will ever spend

  2. Deno

    Hi Sara

    The PGA of America & LPGA have great lesson packages.  You definately should contact a PGA or LPGA Professional and take a series of lessons. Set a few short term goals and enjoy the process.   Welcome to the game and of course Team Titleist


  3. mark w

    Take lessons and get fit for clubs properly. I promise you will improve much faster and have more fun. Learn it the game the right way with the right clubs.


    I love the game. I hope you have as much fun as I do.


    P.S. I did it the other way. It has taken years to unlearn the things I thought I was doing right.

  4. Curtis M

    Drink lots of alcoholic beverages!!!   If your of age of course.   But seriously, don't let the game get into your head too much.  Don't dwell on bad shots.  This game is the toughest thing on the planet to figure out (except for women), and you're gonna struggle, everyone does.  Have fun is all I can say. 

  5. Lou G

    Keep your eye on the ball and keep your front foot planted on the backswing.

  6. Will S

    Hi Sara,

    When getting started with golf it's important to get a lesson from a local pro. That way you can get help by someone who knows the game and can help you improve as well. Then after that I would say just don't stop playing or practicing! Golf is a lot about muscle memory, meaning the more repetition you put it, while making these reps efficient and productive you will steadily improve more and more everyday. Make sure you work on the things whoever you get a lesson from tells you to work on. Believe me, once you start playing, you can't stop! Golf's a great game i'm confident you'll enjoy it. 

  7. SD_Golfer

    Welcome to a great game Sara.  I think the most important thing is to keep your head down, and follow through.   The longer you play the more you can find things to fix.  If there is a place to take lessons that would help, but remember to enjoy yourself.  Good luck :)

  8. tdogg21

    have fun, have fun, and have fun.

    other than that, see about lessons or a clinic.  sometimes you can find free lessons for beginners.  

  9. Skylar T

    I would say try to get plugged in with people to play with.  Most courses will usually have a league that goes out each week and it's always fun to meet other people to play with.  Also try to attend some clinics at your local golf course and if you want to go further look into some private lessons.  

  10. Michael S

    live at the course and practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice  practice practice practice practice  practice practice practice practice  practice practice practice practice  practice practice practice practice  practice practice practice practice  practice practice practice practice  practice practice practice practice  practice practice practice practice  practice practice practice practice  practice practice practice practice  practice practice practice practice 

    and have fun with it, you have to enjoy it to get better and have realistic expectations, don't expect to shoot around par anytime soon, it's a progression, and if you put in the time it will definitely pay off

  11. Bill L


    I always believed Walter Hagan's view on playing Golf . Don't hurry, don't worry, your only here for a short visit, so be sure to smell the flowers along the way.

  12. Austin T

    Keep your head down, eye on the ball, smooth swing tempo, play with good golfers.

  13. Paul D

    After you learn the basics to the golf swing, by seeing a teaching pro...

    Remember... everything you do with the club, regardless of what shape your trying, NEEDS to feel as natural as possible.  Meaning... in escense... TENSION FREE.  

  14. Robert Sellman

    I'm with everyone else,1. Take lessons from a local pro and not the first one you see. 2. Ask lots of questions get to know him or her a little bit 3.You should set some small goals in the beginning and write them down and go back to them from time to time. I'm not sure of your age, but it's very easy to get burnt out if you play a lot and your not having fun. One of the first things I would do is learn to putt and develop a short game in the beginning, you will be amazed at how many strokes that are lost there. The most important is learn a proper grip and the proper setup over the ball,those last to are the most important and you should ask your instructor about those 2 first thing. I wish you the best and I hope the game is enjoyable to you. Just remember this Golf is a game that can't be won,only played. There's 18 holes enjoy the beauty of each one.



  15. ToddL

    Take lessons and most of all, have fun!  

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