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West Illinois / Midwest get together

Curtis M

Also posting on FJ forum, but anyone interested in a get together round somewhere in the midwest?   I live in west Illinois and wouldnt mind traveling a little bit.  Especially if its a new course I have not played. 

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  1. Don O

    Can you recommend TPC Deere Park?  Must be a few Stricker fans that would want to play the course with his 3-peat. I'd be interested from Madison.

  2. Carlo Angelo

    I'm in Curtis!!! I live 45mins north of Milwaukee.  Have you played The Bog in Saukville, WI? I work there...  I've been trying to get things going in the same kind of get together play for TT members... little response as well.

    message me then we can get in touch.


  3. Curtis M

    Don O

    Can you recommend TPC Deere Park?  Must be a few Stricker fans that would want to play the course with his 3-peat. I'd be interested from Madison.


    TPC Deere Run is a pretty nice course.  I actually work for Deere and might be able to pull off some kind of deal too.   BUT, I play there quite a few times a year and it would be nice to hit up a new course.  But as always, I am good with any golf anywhere.   We will see how many people we can get interested, try to find a neutral location and plan something. 

  4. Austin T

    TPC Deere RUN

  5. Austin T

    What about Weaver Ridge or Spirit Hollow? Gibson Woods?

  6. James K

    Played Weaver last Tuesday and the course was in great shape.

  7. Chris S

    Great idea Curtis! Im interested in playing and meeting fellow TT members. It will depend on when more than where for me. Will stay tuned for updates.

     Chris S

  8. Don O

    Austin T

    TPC Deere RUN

    Got it - nothing RUNs like a Deer(e)

  9. Don O

    I kind of started naming courses by suggesting a well-known TPC course in the general vicinity.

    All those willing to travel into a circle of 150 miles of Princeton, IL, comment aye.  This will cover from the Dells to Sheboygan/Kohler to Medina to TPC Deere Park.  We already have connections at the Bog and TPC.  Kohler rents Titleist as an option, so maybe Titlist help get a little deal at Black Wolf or Whistling Straits if 16-20 commit for an outing (not  looking for funding, but some TT event with publicity for a course).  Kohler is only an example - if my commitments are open, I'm in for taking a road trip.  Even to UW or Cherokee in Madison that have been my home courses in the past.  It's about the event, not the place.

  10. Christian J

    I live on the west side of Iowa, and would love to meet up with some of the other members!

  11. Carlo Angelo

    TPC Deere Run sound good to me! Just say when in advance to make sure of a lot of attendance.

  12. Curtis M

    I have a few emails, friend requests from people that I will try to get a hold of.  But for everyone that reads this post and is interested, email me some info about yourself (location, distance preference, and some contact info), and I will try to set up something that works for everyone.  Being kind of late notice, I imagine we will try to get something together closer to the end of the season, maybe Aug or Sept.   Also if TT is interested in contributing in anyway, feel free to email me.  Everyone can reach me here.  Hope we can get a good turn out!!


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