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Height in golf

Will S

Heres a question that I can't seem to answer. Do you think that the height of a person really has an affect on how far or how straight he or she can hit the ball? When you look at a guy like Rory who is really short yet he hits it a mile, then take a guy like Nicholas Colsaerts or Bubba both who are really tall destroy the ball as well. What do you think? 

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  1. tdogg21

    i think height can be an advantage, but at the end of the day, you have to have a good swing.

  2. Carlo Angelo

    5'9" is not that short....  One of the current best Filipino golfers is just around 5'7" and he hits it a mile as well.  He also relies on good swing technique and great flexibility of his body.  These guys have also been playing golf since they were kids (at 4yo).

    The other day I lost my matchplay (WAGPA tournament) to guy who is 23yo, 6' and golfing since 4yo... I am 35yo, 5'6" and started golfing at 17yo. Both on good drives he was bombing past me by 50 yards!

    So, yes... height does matter.

  3. Skylar T

    I don't think people being tall necessarily means that they will hit the ball far, but it does not hurt.  People who have long arms can get a wider arc which creates more club head speed.  The tough thing about being tall is they have a lot more moving parts and it's more difficult to control the swing.  I think the key to distance is not only strength but being able to use your "big muscles" correctly which some guys do really well. 

  4. Ben M

    I think that taller people have the potential to hit the ball a long way because they tend to have longer arms and therefore have a potentially big swing arc.  I'm 6'4" and outdrive my buddy who is 5'6" even though he's easily stronger and more in shape than me. 

  5. Lou G

    It's all about swing mechanics.  Height has an advantage in some sports (even in wrestling, tall people use leverage to the advantage).

    Back in the old days, one of the pros was about 135 lb dripping wet but could bomb a golf ball 325 yards with a laminated driver.

    Why does the LPGA phenom (who is 15) hit as far as another LPGA pro (the longest on tour) that is 6' tall? Why would a 115 lb female out drive 90 percent of the male population (that is about 5'10" and about 175-180 lb)?

  6. Mike P.

    I would say height is an advantage whenit comes to driving distance. The taller someone is the longer thier arms get, creating a larger arc (Bubba credits his long distance because of his large arc often). It has to do with physics. Its one of the reason why DJ, Bubba Watson, and TW are some of the longest hitters on tour.

  7. Connor I.

    Hey Will, I do believe that being tall is an advantage for distance but I think it is all flexibility and swing mechanics.



  8. Nate S

    HAHA Will I'm gonna open up the thread again. All I can say is that Height DOES have an effect on how far or how long you hit it because think about it, you've grown how many inches since you got those ap1's? the lies you played when you were 5'7 shoujld not be the ones your playing now that your 6 foot. Hey man coming up in October maybe I'll c u then.

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