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I have to say, the new Scotty Cameron and MyTPI websites are great!

Great job on these Titleist!

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  1. Justinu3

    TPI looks awesome!'s new Custom Shop visualization is awesome!  Hope they add more types of putters though.  

    I have a few gripes about the new SC site but it's mainly other than the Custom Shop and the large imagery that looks nice, the site is lacking on the functionality side of things.  Navigating the site is not really clean and the lack of consideration for mobile and tablet is a miss.  see examples below of SC compared to a better experience on MyTPI.

    Both sites use responsive design which is AWESOME because it allows the site to change based on device/computer screen size.  TPI did a better job of being legible at smaller sizes.  SC still is poor on iPad.

    I REALLY hope usability studies are employed moving forward to further improve  It was great to get rid of the flash use but needs work to make it a premium experience to match the brand.

    Few complaints on Custom Options:  Don't even get me started on the cheesy "Sales, Service, Restore" slogan.  terrible.  What happened to Hi-Performance Putters??  Sales just seems tacky to be included, the other two I could live with.  I LOVE the Grinder covers and the Custom Shop Wave Blue with Orange but that terrible saying will prevent me from ever owning them.  ugh

    Also eliminating the "restore to original" option with the original head cover and shaft band is somewhat disappointing but not end of the world to me.

    Positives: Dancing JYD, USA JYD and the Nylon Scott/Titleist Flag covers are AWESOME!

    I know can't have it all.  Some nice things and stuff for everyone to love but for what the Scotty Cameron brand is I think the re-opening and new options fell flat.  

    Just my thoughts....

  2. Parthur

    Love the TPI web site. Tons of useful information. Absolute must for older guys like me that need to work on fitness and training to remain competitive. Thank you very much!

  3. Brian M

    TPI and Scotty sites looking good. TPI offering some new clothes. Custom shop has some new options, but the tool was a bit odd to use, took a bit to understand how to add the various colors.

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