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Lesson Learned...

Bill H

A few weeks ago I won a new set of irons online from another company. They even custom fit me and upgraded me for free to the PXi shaft. I was looking forward to using these clubs and convinced myself that they would be better than my AP2 irons. I won't say the next of the company because they do make great products, if you like baseball. My daughter thought. I am going through a midlife crisis because I was getting rid of the Titleist irons. the only irons I have played in her life time.

However, these irons are not what I was expecting. They are a full club shorter and with the PXi shaft, I cannot jump a shot to give it a little extra. I am going back to my AP2s and have a really nice set of irons for sale. Maybe I'll trade them and my AP2s in on a set of 712s. Not only that but restore my daughter’s faith in me and my loyalty to Titleist.

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  1. Justinu3

    great story!  I've tried other companies clubs and nothing feels like a Titleist.  Can't even tempt me with free stuff, I'll just throw that on ebay or something and buy another Scotty! haha

  2. Mike C

    Love the comment about your daughter thinking you were going through a mid-life crisis by moving away from the Titleist irons!  Preceless!

  3. Don O

    LOL.  Know the feeling, i won a hybrid from the big hybrid company, but being left-handed, they only had a 19 degree with a stiff flex for me.  It eventually contributed to a Titleist FW.  ...Worth every penny I paid for it...

  4. Mike B

    Very similar story here. Switched from old AP1s to other brands searching for forgiveness when all I needed was a lesson and a proper fitting. Tried "Phil's clubs" first, then tried to use those same "baseball" brand clubs as well and found them impossible to hit pure. Same issue with distance you were having. I even tried playing some clubs that Tom Watson endorses. Nothing could compare. Finally switched back to a new set of 712 AP2s with C-Taper shafts and I am loving life again. Will never go astray again.

  5. Lou G

    I'm sticking with my Titleist 910F, 910H, AP1 short irons and SM4 wedges.   I have a DIY 31H to fill the gap between the AP1s and my 910H 27*.   Bottom line is to stick with what works (for instance, I tossed the 21 hybrid and replaced it with a 9 wood - no turning back; I have a putter and a driver of other brands that have been serving me well for 3 years now - total investment under $150). 

    Didn't care for TM or Callie irons many years ago.   Even with Titleist, tried mixing 755s and found a loss of one club (even with the lofts close to matching those of my AP1s).

    I also have certain tricks I can do with AP1s (such as long bunker shots or thick grass) that I can't do with others.

    In 2007 tried a set of GT3 irons and went back to my trusty X31s after finding the latter pick the ball better off tight lies.


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