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Bill L

It just me or is the board becoming overburdened with people begging for free stuff? Titliest is real good about offering test products and has giveaways, they initiate, quite frequently.

Bumper stickers, decals and may other items are available on the net as well as certain retailers. It may take some time and effort but they are available.

Thank you Titeliest for all you do for Team Titelist members.

P.S. if your really good and get a tour card you can get a lot of freebies, practice hard.

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  1. Walt L

    I could not agree more. I have these posting go to my inbox and the clutter from all of the requests is blowing my inbox to the point of where I may have to have them filtered.

    I like to see the new offerings of Titleist, read about holes-in-one (still waiting on mine), contests, and tourney news. But there are too many posts about people wanting "stuff".

    Thanks for posting what I am sure a LOT of us feel.

  2. Marc S

    As much as I would like to disagree I cannot. Titleist is #1 for a reason, and giving away stuff is not it! I am and have been a Titleist loyalist and free or pay, I will continue to represent with pride! #teamtitleist
  3. Fred C

    Well said Bill. the begging seems to be in poor taste. It just  If you want something, either go out and earn it or wait for it to be offered for good behavior. Then again, we're all told, "ask and ye shall receive".

  4. Brian M

    I couldn't agree more!
  5. Mike C

    Great thread and I could not agree more with the sentiments.  We all use Titleist products because we believe they are a superior product with great support.  This board is a great place for like-minded enthusiasts to share their views and opinions on Titleist products.  It also gives us unbelievable direct access to sources within Titleist to respond to our questions and provide excellent advice.

    When I believe a product is the best, I purchase the product because I believe it will benefit me.  Titleist is great about sending out test products and always has various giveaways and contests going on through the website and Team Tieleist.  I have not seen another company that I frequently use really engage the end product users the way Titleist does.

    Bottom line, if you want to use Titleist products (as we all due), spend the money to purchase them and support the company that supports us.  If we happen to get a little something in the form of gratitude once in a while, great.  If not, no big deal because the real thing we get from Titleist is performance on the course, equipment you can count on and great support from all of the representatives at Titleist to the members here on the boards.

    I really like Bill's closing comments that if you work hard and practice and earn a tour card, you can get all of the free stuff you want.  Until then, lets continue to support Titleist with our $$$ and use the best equipment out there on the market.

  6. Curtis M

    Amen brother!!!!!

  7. Jim A

    I consider it an honor and a privilege to play Titleist gear, and wear FJ clothing.  I have been the lucky recipient of a few items through our TT site and would not think it appropriate to ask for or beg for items.  The TT site and organization does not have to do the things they do, but they promote the site and organization very well. 

    Please do not stoop to begging for items, it make you look needy and cheap.  Also, if that is the way you behave in the business world, then I for one would choose to avoid you and your business.

    My opinion,

    Jim A.

  8. Brian D

    If you want something, I have always learned you have to EARN IT!  Mike and the entire Team Titleist team do a terrific job with contests, mailings, and tesing when appropriate. 

    Come to the forum, participate, educate, and learn from the experience and if you do enough, you will certianly be rewerded.

    This site is not about free things at all.

    When I first read the headline on the thread, in all honesty, I thought is about about 1 or 2 foot puts being given out as "gimmies", too funny.

    Enjoy the post, the site and the community!!!


  9. SD_Golfer

    I couldn't agree more.  Lately it seems to be more like "Letters to Santa".  Of course we all want Titleist equipment, we are here because we use it, but the main reason I joined Team Titleist is to read about other golfers, like me, better than me, not as good as me ... and get great advice from the Team Titleist team.

    I have been fortunate to experience some Team Titleist "perks" (not going to mention what ... I don't want to start another list) but I have not experienced them more often.  I love what Team Titleist is providing for all golfers, the "perks" are awesome, but the reason I joined is for the chance to learn about the game I love.   Not just great advice, but also mistakes people have made, funny stories on the course ... basically a way to hear about golf, not just the Pros ... the game of golf.

  10. Thomas C

    Awesome post Mike!  I've been trying how to "diplomatically" say what you posted!

  11. Justinu3

    Agreed.  It is just sickening.  It seriously turns me off from visiting the forums here.  I wish Mike and team would just "not approve" those types of posts.  

    It's just lame for people to whine and beg to get some stuff.  Just stick around and have fun talking golf and Titleist and stickers and cool stuff comes.  I sincerely hope this behavior isn't rewarded by Titleist because it just gets more people to beg.  

    It's help if there was just a small store of items.  If you want something Team Titleist you just buy it.  Then Mike and team could funnel that money back into enhancements for TT!  :-)


  12. Dr. Kovatchian

    Totally Agree!!!

    It's a clear reflection of where our country is going...everyone is entitled...handouts for all!!!


  13. Robert Sellman

    I was saying that a couple of months ago. I don't think Mike D likes it too much to see all of the begging. Just participate on the discussions and your wish may come true. But, Please Don't Beg,it's very unbecoming of someone who plays the game of golf.

  14. Marc S

    On another note, any of you guys pick up an extra Scotty towel during this release? I'd love to buy one if possible. Thanks in advance for your consideration.
  15. asousa

    It really ruins the message board when you see so many bag tag/lanyard/anything else threads.  Let's just get back to talking about awesome Titleist products and this great game.  It makes it more special when you get something in the mail and don't ask for it, don't you think???

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