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Austin S

My golf bag has completely fallen apart! Could I buy a lightweight stand bag (black/white/crimsonTB3SX6-016) with my name on it (Austin Smith)? Could I also buy a travel cover with my name on it that would work well on an airplane? I go out of town on the 26th! My instructor gave me some useful lessons but they require alignment sticks. I went to a local store and they only had feminine colors left haha. Does Titleist sell alignment sticks or will I have to buy them on the Internet? Any information On purchasing Custom gear would be helpful. Thank you

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  1. Don O

    Up here in frozen tundra regions, we call alignment sticks "driveway markers".  Especially in the fall of the year the home supply stores sell them for about $2 a piece.  I keep one for the mats in the winter and have my choice of 8 in the summer.  All orange.

  2. memphisunited

    Agree with Don.  Go to your local hardware store and ask for driveway markers.  They fit nicely in the golf bag and are almost identical to alignment rods.  The driveway markers usually come in yellow and white or orange and white.  Those colors are manly enough :)

  3. Mike C

    Just check with any Titleist authorized retailer and they can custom order bags, travel bags, etc. with your name embroidered on the item.  You can see some of the options available on the Titleist website.


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