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Quick Poll: Visor or Hat?

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager Team Titleist Staff

Summer is finally here and we're looking at placing an order for some new limited edition Team Titleist headwear. But before we make any decisions, we want to hear from you first. Color palette and design aside, what do you want to see - a hat, a visor or both?

Cast your vote!

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  1. Brian H

    Hat....   I don't look very good with visor tan lines on my bald head.

  2. John L

    id like to see the mesh fitted hat TT logo on the front, prov1 and FJ on the sides and Titleist on the back. if we can get names embroidered above the titleist logo that would be awesome. colors could be all black, all white, or maybe front panal red with the rest in red.

    cheers greens and fairways to all


  3. memphisunited

    I'm selfishly going with visor because I already have a TT hat :)

  4. Allen P

    Hats offer better protection against the sun.

  5. Marc S

    As much as I like visors, I can't pull it off :( HAT please!
  6. Curtis M

    I don't want to burn my bald head!!!!   Hat!!!!

  7. Ted M

    Definately Both



  9. Mike C

    Personally, I prefer to wear a visor but a hat may be more broadly appealing if it is not possible to have both (my vote was on both a visor and a hat).

  10. Thomas C

    Hat with the built in ball marker would be awesome!

  11. Bill L

    A hat would be awsome

  12. Connor I.

    Definitely a hat.... please make an adjustable version because my head is a little small for a fitted hat. and just regular black/white, navy/white, white/black would be perfect. Thanks!


  13. David S

    A hat would be awsome.  I'm among the many that are follicle-challenged!!

  14. Steve H

    Hat....I'm old and balding.  But I would like to see the logos, because we are proud to display the brand.

  15. Chris S

    Adjustable hats WITH ballmarker in traditional TT colors!

     Chris S

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